Witchy Kitty to choose?

Eek! Kitty got spooky…Just when you thought you’d seen the last of Hello Kitty with the IC launch which followed the Erstwilder launch……. Miss Kitty White is back for the spooky season and she is dressed for the occasion. This small collection consists of six brooches along side six enamel pins and I have to say, my first thought was: More Kitty! BUT, Im loving how the guys at Erstwilder have transformed the normally primary coloured HK into a beast fit for the halloween season whilst still keeping her purrfect playful character. The new halloween brooches come in a brand new box design which is gorgeous deep purple and orange with black spots, as usual the enamel pins come on Erstwilder branded card with rubber stopper backs.


That’s a Wrap Brooch

Kitty has been mummified! She’s all wrapped up and you can guarantee she has somewhere to be – This piece is pearl white with hand painted detail making her bandage wraps, of course Kitty wouldn’t be seen out without her signature bright red bow which just pops on this other wise monochrome piece- Love her!

Measures up at 55mm by 47mm and is priced at £24.95

Learn to Spell Brooch

By far my favourite Halloween Kitty costume, Kitty is dressed in a purple dress and witches hat with a flowing black cape, she’s holding her broom which has the sweetest finishing touch of a pumpkin on the top! I don’t know about learning to spell but she sure looks like the flying lessons are going well!

Measures up at 63mm by 56mm and is priced at £24.95

Hello-ween Kitty Brooch

Watch out, Kitty the cat burglar is on the prowl (although I think she probably just wants your sweets) On this piece Kitty is ready to go Trick or Treating with her friends- I wonder what the correct thing to give to Kitty on Halloween is? Kitty is jet black resin with orange hand painted paws and ears, this time her signature bow matches the outfit in vibrant pumpkin orange.

Measures up at 55mm by 46mm and is priced at £24.95

Count with Kitty Brooch

Kitty has had the Dracula treatment in this design, I dare say she will probably not drink your blood though as she is just too cute in her grey costume finished off with a statement black flowing cape, of course no self respecting Kitty would be seen out and about without their signature red hair bow to complete the look (lets just hope its not blood soaked…..) Handprinted whiskers, eyes and nose complete the piece.

Measures up at 55mm by 48 mm and is priced at £24.95

Costume Contest Brooch

She’s alive!!!!!!!! This Kitty is sure to win best dressed costume as she plays the part of monster Kitty with her hand painted stitching along with bolts in her head. The description from Erstwilder says this piece is green but in my opinion it is more turquoise than green! Kittys dress is pale grey and an additional layer of resin giving this piece extra depth. Ive now got that song in my head…..Whats that coming over the hill……is it a monster? is it a monster?????

Measures in at 55mm by 45mm and is priced at £24.95

Always Growing Brooch

Straight from the pumpkin patch, our feline friend is wearing the most adorable pumpkin costume in bright orange and lime green with hand painted detailing on the main body of the pumpkin. Kitty is even giving us a wave- how cute! Kittys outfit is made up of a vivid orange tee shirt complete with a handprinted pumpkin and green trousers, all topped off with some pumpkin leaves in her hair.

Measures in at 65mm by 40mm and is priced at £24.95

Enamel pins

-Thats a Wrap

Measures up at 30mm by 26mm and is £8

-Learn to Spell

Measures up at 32mm by 28mm and is £8

-Kitty Cat Costume

Measures up at 30mm by 24mm and is £8

-Count with Kitty

Measures up at 30mm by 26mm and is £8

-Costume Contest

Measures up at 30mm by 25mm and is £8

-Always Growing

Measures up at 35mm by 23mm and is £8

As usual I hope you get what you want from the launch and that this blog has been helpful,

Love Nicola Xx

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