Well, Hello there Kitty!

As I write this, I’m like a little girl bobbing around in a sweetie shop- The brand new Erstwilder x Hello Kitty collection has landed in store and I LOVE it!  

The collection consists of seven brooches, two sets of dangly earrings, seven enamel pins with one additional set of accessory pins, one necklace, five neck scarves, four head scarves and one set of cardigan clips so there is sure to be something for everyone in here. 

So, who is Kitty? Hello Kitty (also known as Kitty White) was created in 1974 by Yuko Shimizu for Sanrio and has become a globally recognisable fictional figure. Her character is supported by a cast of friends, but the main other is Kittys twin sister Mimmy who is also her best friend, we meet  Mimmy on one of the brooch designs. Kitty and Mimmy live with their parents in the suburbs of London and one of Kittys main sayings are “you can never have too many friends” – How adorable. 

Onto the pretties: 

Meet Kitty White Brooch 

Kitty is waving at us dressed in her blue dungarees with a yellow tee shirt underneath and has her signature red bow at her left ear- I love the simplicity of this piece and I’m sure it will be a favourite. Height 60mm x Width 43mm. Retails at £24.95 

Hello Kitty Heart Brooch

Kitty is peeking over the top of a big red heart on this one, the heart has Hello Kitty written on it in white lettering, and I love that she appears to be holding the heart with her little paws. Retails at £24.95

Hello Kitty

The simplest piece in the collection- Kitty’s head with her signature red bow in her ear. I think this one would work well as both a brooch but also as a necklace using a converter. Height 40mmx Width 50mm. Retails at £24.95

Time for a Skate Brooch

I love the fun depicted in this piece, Kitty has decided to go roller skating, and doesn’t she look like she is having fun in her big red roller skates? Height 60mm x Width 50mm. Retails at £24.95

Lesson One

Kitty is reading a green book titled Lesson one, again, lovely detail in her paws holding the book which has a big red apple on the back cover- I wonder what subject lesson one is in? Retails at £24.95

Balloon Heart

I think this is one of my favourite brooches in this collection. Kitty is sitting sideways holding a big red heart shaped balloon which is attached by a chain, each piece has a pin to attach to your clothing so it can be positioned how you like. This reminds me a little of Banksy’s ‘girl holding balloon’ and I think it brings out the playful loving character of Kitty. Height 44mm x Width 37 (Kitty) Height 30mm width 32mm (Balloon) Retails at £24.95

Hello Kitty and Mimmy Brooch

The twin sisters sitting together in a big yellow teacup- How cute are they? Never mind two peas in a pod, these two are inseparable together in friendship. We see how the sisters differ here, unlike Kitty, Mimmy wears a yellow bow in her right ear opposed to Kitty’s red one in her left. Height 50mm x Width 54mm. Retails at £24.95


There are two sets of dangly earrings in this collection:

Hello Kitty

These match the Hello Kitty brooch and feature Kitty’s head with her signature red bow at her left ear. As usual these come on high quality hypoallergenic stainless steel earring hooks. Height 17mm x Width 23mm. Retails at £24.95


There is only one necklace and I really love it! I do however often wear my brooches with converters, so the possibilities are endless here.

Take to the sky!

Kitty can fly! Nestled in fluffy white clouds is Kitty’s bright yellow aeroplane, with our beloved character front and central looking like the cat has certainly gotten the cream! Kitty’s plane is decorated with a big red star on the wing and stripes around the nose of the plane- I wonder where she is going? The sky’s the limit! Necklace chain and jump rings are silver plated steel. Height 70mm x Width 134mm. Retails at £33.95

Cardigan clips

Two Kitty heads are attached to a central chain- perfect for keeping your cardigan from coming open and adding a vintage touch to any outfit. Retails at £31.95


There is a vast number of scarves in this collection including head and neck types. The neck scarves come in at 180 cm x 70 cm and the head ones are 70x70cm. Both are 100% polyester and can be cold hand washed. Head scarves retail at £10.95, neck scarves are £16.95.

There are five designs:

Argyle- Sky blue border with argyle triangles in primary colours featuring some of the Kitty designs from the collection.

Polka Dot- Blue and red border lines enclose polka dots and Kitty heads with red bows and apples.

Apple – Red background with a printed white lace border, this features Kitty and lots of big red apples- Kitty is winking too- do you think she is going to eat all the apples?

Rainbow- Feature’s rainbow stripes with a Kitty head in the middle – who needs anything but the star of the show on their scarf.

Enamel pin badges

There are seven pin badges in this collection with what I would describe as an accessory set (five mini pins that you can pair with other badges/brooches) Pin badges retail at £8 and the mini pin set is £22.95.

Hello Kitty- Standing Kitty dressed in a yellow tee shirt and blue dungarees.

Scooter- Kitty on a scooter ride- with the word GO! On the front

Bouquet-Kitty has gotten you flowers, she holds a bunch of red blooms.

Cheer leader-Kitty at the game ready to cheer on her team in her cheerleader outfit finished with yellow pompoms.

Lollipop- Sweet treat time- kitty holds a big red lollipop.

Chef-Dinner time- chef Kitty to the rescue… I wonder what she will make.?

Popcorn-Movie time- Kitty is hiding in the popcorn box, maybe it’s a scary movie?

Back to School set- Five mini pins to accessorise your collection, there is a red bow, red apple, milk bottle, love letter and a yellow bird- Perfect for pairing with your other pins and brooches from the collection.

As you all know, new launches tend to sell fast, and we have never seen Hello Kitty from Erstwilder before so it is difficult to predict what might sell first. I always recommend being signed into your account and PayPal as these can and will jump out of your basket while going through the checkout process if it is a sought-after piece.

I hope you all love them and get the pieces you would like, and I am so happy that Shoe Emporium are now stocking this fabulous brand- it makes it my even more favourite place if that were at all possible.

Big love, Nicola xx

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