Well, just when you think your bank balance is safe, the folk over at Erstwilder knock one literally out of the park. If you have been a collector for a little while you will remember the first Art Nouveau collection from 2020 that proved very popular among the Erstwildian community. The worry with any follow up collections is always: will it be as good? I can confirm this new collection is certainly not a sequel flop and I love that it builds on the first by reimagining some of the original styles but also giving us collectors some brand-new pieces to be adored and admired for years to come.

Now, I know we have had some fairly big collections of late but this one is HUGE! In total there are 32 items excluding essential earrings…… yes, 32! The breakdown is 20 brooches, 3 necklaces, 3 sets of dangly earrings, 3 headscarves and 3 neck scarves, plus 3 designs of essential earrings in a whole range of colours and finishes. I’m sure there will be something for everyone in here, although chatting today to a collector who shall remain nameless (she knows who she is 🤣) it may be the case that you might want most of the collection!

This second Art Nouveau Collection has been designed by the same designer as last time, Elena Leong, A Melbourne based designer whose two main loves in life are nature and colour. Elena, I salute you as the colours on your designs are simply stunning.

Let’s get to it….(Make sure you have a cuppa)

The Royal Eye Necklace, Brooch and Earring set

One of the first sets to be shown on Erstwilder sneak peeks starts with this simply stunning statement necklace, it’s quite large measuring in at 70mm by 130mm and is triple layered resin so looks and feels sturdy, the length of the necklace is 50cm with a 15cm chain extender so you can wear it longer should you wish. The brooch is an exact smaller copy of the necklace as are the drop earrings. The Peacock feather is Emerald green shimmer resin with beautiful gold accents that makes it look entirely regal (Just as any proud peacock should be) The eye of the peacock feather starts with a lime green layer, then peach and then to add to the depth the next layer is a ripple layer in aqua and then finally a deep blue centre in shimmer resin finishes off this simple but very eye-catching design. The Brooch is 70mm by 39mm and the earrings are 48mm by 26mm each. Prices are: Necklace £36.95, Brooch and Earrings are £24.95 each.

Tree of Life Necklace and Brooch

The Tree of Life (Abre de Vie) is an archetype of many religious, mythological and philosophical traditions which connects our common histories. This brand-new design in this collection for me depicts art nouveau style in one piece, its expressive curved lines all intertwining with each other result in a very detailed piece of wearable art. There are two predominant colours to this design, both are shimmer resin that when the sun hits them sparkles beautifully, there are additional details of red shimmer resin to the trunk of the tree and hand painted gold spirals on the top yellow section. The necklace is 77mm by 128mm on a 50cm chain with 15cm extender is priced at £33.95, The brooch is 70mm by 59mm and is £24.95.

Steel Necklace and Brooch

A remake of last year’s necklace in a gorgeous variety of pinks (last years was purple) I love the curved shape of this necklace, and it would look great with a high-necked top to give you a lower neckline if your wrapped up. The flowers and vines are all ripple resin which gives more depth while the black plain resin Magnolias

makes the colours pop out more giving them the look of actual flowers. This necklace also has a matching brooch in the same colourway and an additional one in the same purples as last year’s necklace so if you’re all about matching jewellery then now’s your chance to get a brooch to complete last year’s release! Clever Erstwilder ♥. I quite like the fact that given the shape and design of the brooch, it can be worn any way you desire- Horizontally or diagonally. Necklace measures up at 73mm by 130mm and is £31.95, the brooches are 69mm by 65mm and come in at £24.95 each.

Flower and Thorn Brooch

Another new design and just so beautiful- but beware, it has thorns! Ever true in nature, a beautiful flower is matched with the opposite- a prickly thorn. Thankfully on this piece you won’t harm yourself admiring the pink ripple resin flowers which are surrounded by flowers still in bud and a whole lot of hand painted golden thorns. Again, like the previous brooch, this can be worn either way giving more diversity to it. Measures 83mm by 34mm and is £24.95.        

Fronds of Fortune Brooch

The Fronds growing upward symbolise eternal growth and remind us that each little step we make is making us stronger. This is one of the pieces that on paper I liked the least but its message along with seeing it in the flesh has won me over. The whole brooch except for the base layer which you only see a couple of mms of is shimmer resin in a variety of greens which reminds me of how plants look when they have dew on them in the sunlight, it gives the piece so much depth and interest that it’s a competitor to the flower brooches in this range for sure. Measures 83mm by 34mm and is £24.95.

November Reign Brooch and Earrings

A symbol of devoted love and the birth flower for November- the chrysanthemum. This little beauty also has matching drop earrings in a slight variation on the brooch design. I don’t know how Erstwilder have done it but the resin in the leaves of this are ripple but also have shimmer in them giving such a beautiful pearl like finish- I hope they use it again! The flower head is a peach/pink with yellow ripple centre. Measures 49mm by 60mm and is £24.95 Earrings are 53mm by 37mm and are also £24.95.

Owl Ornamental

Erstwilder like to keep us Matchey Matchey fans on the edge of our seats, don’t they? Finally, a brooch to match the Owl Ornamental earrings from last year- This wise owl is twit twoo!!! Stunning black high shine plain resin makes the gold ripple details of his wings and feet along with the white of his face pop. This piece is double layer resin so nice and sturdy. Measures 52mm by 38mm and is £25.95.

Majesty and Myth

Carrying on with the theme of majestic beasts, just look at this Unicorn – Possibly one of my favourite pieces in the collection, this guy has the same ripple shimmer resin as I mentioned in November Reign, it gives the material an almost life like movement which adds so much depth and detail. I was a little worried about the horn being fragile however it is triple layer (and glitter!) so I would think robust. The main body is slate grey, and the mane and tail is plain black with hand painted detail to give the illusion that the hair is swirling as this majestic beast rears up in the air- just Wow! Measures 68mm by 49mm and is yours for £24.95.

Mademoiselle Bernhardt Blonde hair and Black hair

Be your own star of the show just like Sarah! Another reimagined piece from 2020, this time in two colourways (Blonde hair or Black hair) Like the tree of life this little lady screams Art Nouveau and is instantly recognisable. I love the focus on her hair and hair piece on this as it is so representative of the time. Her face is hand painted onto simple plain resin and the second layer which makes up the hair is ripple resin with a mint green and emerald hair accessory to finish it off. Measures up at 55mm by 52mm. Price £24.95.

The Kiss

Are you Feline the love??? This pair are off on their own little cloud immersed in only each other. This brooch uses the same resins as the tree of life to create this pair and is adorned with cut out details as well as colourful blocks and hand painted patterns to add detail. Maybe we should leave them to it……..Measures 60mm by 40mm and is £24.95.

Octopode Abode

Another new design for this year, she will beat you at any card game you choose. The double layer resin as well as clever detailing on the arms gives this lady the appearance of movement (which is great when you have eight arms) She has hand painted suckers and face with the main body being a pale orange shimmer resin. Measures 60mm by 57mm and can come home with you for £24.95.

Sirens call

Another mythical creature joins the ranks, this time we have a beautiful mermaid with long red flowing locks. Her tail is emerald ripple resin with just a scattering of glitter and the corset (if that is what it is? Who knows what mermaids wear?) is a light green with hues of pink and this matches her fin on the end of the tail. Her face is hand painted so each piece will be slightly different. Measures 65mm by 46mm and is £24.95.

La Fee Verte

Well, this lady will not leave you with a terrible hangover like absinthe might and she is much more pretty. This green Fairy has wings of green, gold, pink and emerald mounted on a black background to make the colour patches pop, there is a combination of ripple and shimmer resin used on the wings and the fairy herself is plain resin dressed in a fabulous gown of shimmery green/grey with hand painted gold details to give it movement. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think she looks like she has just awoken from a restful sleep and is ready to go and grant some wishes 🤞 and sprinkle some fairy dust. She is 63mm by 75mm and is £27.50.

Ailes Noires

On white wings from last year in a stunning black colourway- This swan is elegance on water. There are three layers of resin to give this piece depth, so the wings look to be away from the body of the bird. The wings themselves have an almost ombre effect with the tips being lighter than the parts nearer the body and completed by hand painted lines giving this beauty height. Simple but oh so pretty and would look fab paired with the white version as homage to the Black swan. Measures 65mm by 48mm and will swim home to you for £24.95.

The Prowling Fox

This Fox is so different to the ones we’ve seen previously from Erstwilder- He’s actually doing what foxes do: Prowl at night ready to pounce. This piece features a bushy tailed fox in front of the moon giving the piece an air of mystery and danger around it and the combination of shimmer and ripple resin is stunning. There are no hand painted details on this- all the detail is in the actual resin ♥ Measures 70mm by 39mm and is £24.95.

Le Chat Noir Brooch and Earrings

Another returning favourite from the original release, this time the cat is plain black resin, and the glitter detail has been added to the globe behind him. I much prefer this version as the whole point of a black cat is just that- He’s black and I think the previous design was too fussy (Sorry Erstwilder) but this is purrfect! Brooch is 70mm by 30mm and is £24.95, the Earrings are 40mm by 18mm each and are £22.95.

Le Peacock Royal White and Purple

Wowsers! I’ve saved the best for last here! Recreated from last year’s design we have two new colours, White and Purple. The White colourway is so simple and elegant and would look fab on literally anything you wear; she has ripple resin with shimmer over the top and cut outs to represent her peacock ‘eyes’ The crest and feathers are hand painted in silver. The purple colourway has much more going on with navy blue, teal and gold making up the peacock and a deep purple chunky glitter layer to represent the feathers- this is stunning in the sunshine. Measures in at 60mm by 56mm and are £27.50.


There are three designs of scarf: they all come in two sizes, Head (Measures 180 cm by 70 cm) and Neck (Measures 70 cm by 70 cm) Both are 100% Polyester and can be cold hand washed. Neck scarves are £16.95 and head scarves are £10.95.

Le Chat Noir

The Royal Eye

Le Peacock

Essential earrings

There are three designs of essentials this time, we have only opted for two of the designs: Starburst and Crescent Moon. Starburst measure 50mm by 33mm, Crescent Moon 36mm by 24mm. All of the designs are the same price: £5.50 a pair.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog and it has been useful to get ready for the launch- as always, I hope you get what you want.

Love Nicola XX