Pride and Joy

Erstwilders next instalment is so beautifully coloured that you can’t help but smile, however what’s wonderful about this collection is what it stands for and represents- Love is love, whatever form that comes in 💕

This collection has been designed in collaboration with Minus18, Australias leading youth charity which champions LGBTQIA+ youth by building social inclusion, empowerment and providing education and advocacy through digital campaigns, training and resources. Each piece sold will equal $2 being donated to this vital charity from Erstwilder.

So, what exactly is being released? There are seven brooches, six enamel pins, three enamel earrings, three enamel charms and three enamel keyrings. Alongside that, the proverbial cherry on the cake is another resin brooch that is a GWP (Gift With Purchase), you will qualify for one when you spend over £60 while stock lasts.

Lets dive in and have a look:

You are Loved Brooch

This was the first sneak peek and got fabulous praise- I can see why, rainbow stripes surrounded by gold glitter? what’s not to love??

‘Let your heart fill with love, and good things will follow’*

Measures 60mm by 56mm and is priced at £23.95

Ice Cream Acceptance Brooch

This looks just delicious – a big bowl of rainbow Ice Cream presented in a pink glitter bowl

‘Two scoops of soft serve, for all those strong of heart’*

Measures 70mm by 40mm and is priced at £23.95

Slice of Pride Cake

Pass me a fork- Im going in!

‘Love is Love, any way you slice it’*

Measures 35mm by 60mm and is priced at £23.95

Spiffy the supportive Dog Brooch

My my what a colourful little sausage

‘The long and short of it is this, this Spiffy sausage dog will support you no matter what’*

Measures 70mm by 45mm and is priced £23.95

Price of Pride Butterfly Brooch

Upon the colourful wings of love 🥰

‘Life is short. Get out there and show the world your true colours’*

Measures 70mm by 40mm and is priced at £23.95

Elissa the Rainbow Cat Brooch

What a Beautiful make over Elissa has had

‘Just chilling on this joyful day. Do you feel empowered, Elissa? What do you say?’*

Measures 44mm by 60mm and is £23.95

Inclusion around the World Brooch

Fly high beautiful stripy ballon!

‘Hop aboard, one and all. This thermal airship is made for everyone.’*

Measures 47mm by 60mm and is priced at £23.95

Enamel Pins

As I said earlier, there are six enamel pins this time round, they are all priced at £8 and as always come on Erstwilder backed card with rubber backs.

Enamel Earrings

There is three designs of earrings in this collection, like the enamel pins they come on Erswilder backed cards and are priced at £13.50

Spiffy the Supportive Dog, measures 30mm by 20mm

Progression Rainbow, measures 20mm by 10mm

Prince of Pride Butterfly, measures 20mm by 11mm

Enamel Keyrings

There are three designs in this category and they are repeated throughout the enamel range, they all come in a Erstwilder gift box and are priced at £15.95

Spiffy the Supportive Dog, measures 80mm by 42mm

Progression Rainbow, measures 80mm by 42mm

Prince of Pride Butterfly, measures 80mm by 46mm

Enamel Charms

Again, the three designs from the part two categories are repeated here, they come in a mini Erstwilder gift box and are priced at £12.50. I actually think these have many uses, they would make a great mini keyring a lovely pet charm, or look great on a handbag!

Spiffy the Supportive Dog, measures 30mm by 30mm

Progression Rainbow, measures 15mm by 15mm

Prince of Pride Butterfly, measures 16mm by 16mm

Gift With Purchase (GWP)

This time the good people at Erstwilder have provided the Love Shake baby Brooch as a GWP, to get this at Shoe Emporium all you need to do is spend £60 across the collection and the Love Shake will be included in orders while stock lasts.

As always, I hope you get what you want from the launch and that this blog has been helpful,

Love Nicola Xx

*Stories from Erstwilder*

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