One last trip to Cloud Castle

Whoa! I literally did a little squeal and dance when I saw the email from Erstwilder about these cuddly cute caring bears making a reappearance! I know, I know, I can hear people already saying: but they’ve been done before and that’s always the worry isn’t it when a collection is redone? However, Im so happy that some of the previously missed bears have been featured in this, Erstwilders Care Bears 3.0. We also now know that these bears were actually going to be part of 2.0 but Erstwilder decided to split the collection due to the size- I can hear a lot of purses sighing in relief! The collection consists of ten brooches, three mini brooches, two cardigan clips/double brooches, two dangly earrings, two necklaces, ten enamel pins and three scarf designs (I almost wrote and a partridge in a pear tree then) So its a sizeable collection but certainly not the biggest ever. There are no essential earrings this time but to be honest there were so many last time Im sure there are plenty out there that you can get your hands on if you want some (We do have some in stock) This whole collection is made in gorgeous hues of blues, and lilacs that just looking at it makes me feel Calm and Bedtime bear wouldn’t need to work too hard to make me feel relaxed and sleepy……. We better have a look what those scamps at Erstwilder have in store for us 💕

Bed time Necklace

Helping people get a good night’s sleep and pleasant dreams. There’s no better bed buddy for a goodnight hug.

Measures up at 100mm by 76mm and is priced at £37.95

(By the way, this is generally what me and Chamina look like after each and every launch 🤣)

A Swing and a Wish Necklace

Wish Bear is a dreamer, but a special kind of dreamer because her wishful thinking makes other’s dreams come true.

Measures up at 64mm by 48mm and is priced at £37.95

Necklace seen here with matching Brooch

Harmony Bear Brooch

Good times get better when we get along together! This peace-loving bear knows our differences are something to be celebrated.

Measures up at 50mm by 60mm and is priced at £24.95

Sweet dreams Bear Brooch

Helping others have the best mornings, by giving them the happiest dreams. This charming bear knows smiles aren’t just for the daytime.

Measures up at 47mm by 66mm and is priced at £24.95

Sweet Dreams Brooch on the left and The Sweetest Dreams Mini on the right

Make A Wish Brooch

There’s not a worry in the world that a wish won’t wipe out. Wish it. Dream it. Do it.

Measures up at 52mm by 58mm and is priced at £24.95

A Tender Heart Brooch

A loving, loveable bear who knows a lot about helping others share their feelings. His heart is simply filled with love.

Measures up at 42mm by 66mm and is priced at £24.95

Tenderheart Brooch seen here with matching drop earrings

Heartsong Bear Brooch

This lively bear loves every kind of music and the way it helps us communicate and get in touch with our feelings.

Measures up at 60mm by 64mm and is priced at £24.95

Share Bear Brooch

The friendly bear who knows how much fun it is to give some of her good things to others. Sharing is caring.

Measures up at 39mm by 66mm and is priced at £24.95

Share Bear Brooch on the left and Share A Shake mini on the right

Secret Bear Brooch

You can count on her to guard your secret with care. She reminds us of the importance of trust between friends.

Measures up at 38mm by 66mm and is priced at £24.95

Secret Bear Brooch on the left and Its a Secret Mini on the right

Birthday Bears Cake Brooch

A fun-loving, live-it-up kind of Bear, who embodies the spirit of celebration. He’s a big fan of presents and he just loves party food.

Measures up at 50mm by 77mm and is priced at £24.95

Bed Time Brooch

Helping people get a good night’s sleep and pleasant dreams. There’s no better bed buddy for a goodnight hug.

Measures up at 75mm by 82mm and is priced at £26.95

Feeling Friendly Brooch

Need a good friend? Friend Bear would love to be your best buddy bear.

Measures up at 86mm by 71mm and is priced at £26.95

Tenderheart Cardigan Clips/ Double Brooch

Listen to your heart, it generally knows what’s right for you.

Measures up at 30mm by 32mm (per heart) and is priced at £24.95

Twinkers Cardigan Clips/ Double Brooch

A Starbuddy with an unusual ability to grant wishes, Twinkers is a handy friend to have.

Measures up at 32mm by 30mm (per star) and is priced at £24.95

Twinkers Cardigan Clips seen at the bottom of this picture

Its a Secret Mini Brooch

The secret to friendship is trust!

Measures up at 50mm by 42mm and is priced at £19.95

Share A Shake Mini Brooch

Priced at £18.95

The Sweetest Dreams Mini Brooch

Whispering pleasant thoughts while you sleep

Priced at £18.95

Sweetest Dreams Mini brooch seen on the right

Twinkers Earrings

A Starbuddy with an unusual ability to grant wishes, Twinkers is a handy friend to have.

Measure up at 30mm by 32mm (per earring) and are priced at £19.95

Twinkers earrings seen here with Bedtime Bear Brooch

Tender Heart Earrings

Hug it out! Tenderheart Bear is a kind and lovable bear who likes to help others share their feelings.

Measure up at 25mm by 45mm and are priced at £24.95

Tenderheart Earrings seen here with the matching Brooch

Enamel Pins

There are ten enamel pins this time round, they all depict their namesake resin brooch and are all priced at £8 with the exception of Feeling Friendly and Big dreams which are £10.95.

As usual they come presented on Erstwilder backed card and have rubber backs.


There are three different designs of scarf this time, they all come in two sizes: Head scarf which measures up at 70cm by 70cm and are priced at £13.50 and Neck scarf which is 70cm by 180cm and priced at £18.95. All scarves are 100% polyester and are cool hand washable.

The designs are:

We Care-A-Lot

Friend Bear

Bedtime Bear

Left to right:Friend Bear, We Care A Lot, Bedtime Bear

As with previous Care Bear collections, I can see this one being popular and I would advise that you be ready to checkout as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We will be launching Pins and scarves 30 minutes before the launch so if you are wanting those items, I suggest you have them in your basket already when the main range launches.

We will have one full collection available for anyone who can’t get enough of those cuddly bears, this will include all of the core range and pins.

As always, I hope this guide has been helpful and you manage to get what you want,

Love Nic Xx

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