Merry Grinchmas

Well, I wish It could be Grinchmas everyday

But I’ll wear my Merry Grinchmas anyway

Cos on my feet they really have to stay

They’ll be lighting up the floor still in May

So, I am just going to make it Grinchmas everyday

Have you ever loved a pair of shoes so much that you walk around singing about them?  That’s how I feel about Merry Grinchmas.  I keep singing the song about (to the tune of I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day in case you can’t tell).  These shoes are everything.  I am a high heel person rather than a mid-heel but I am not even angry, I can forgive these shoes, anything when those little lights turn on.

Let’s talk about the lights first.  I have quite a few light up Irregular Choice but I’ve never seen any light up the room quite like these do.  Both shoes have a string off lights down either side which shine three different colours at once; red, yellow and green.  The lights also have three different modes, solid, slow flash and quick flash.  They are chargeable and you may have to hold the button down for at least three seconds and then press it again to turn them on.  Once they are on though you can’t miss them, even in daylight they still shine a little.  I’m not sure if it’s the same for Trees A Crowd as I’ve not seen them in person but I am a very big fan of this string of lights approach.  There’s a video of them all lit up on Shoe Emporium’s Instagram and I’m obsessed with it even though I took it.

When we get past the lights (if we must) the rest of the shoe is simply stunning even though it’s the simplest of the Grinch collection in terms of how much is thrown at it.  The entire shoe is covered in sparkly green glitter.  It’s bright and darker than the rest of the collection giving it somewhat of a different look to everything else we have had.  I would have to buy any shoe in this green colour glitter.  Just let me throw all my money right at you now. The big yellow Grinch eyes that are up front and centre are remind me so much of the original book art work and cartoon (whereas the rest of the collection seems to draw more from the Jim Carey Grinch).   The fluffy trim reminds me very much of Furry O Nutty but it’s in such a rich plum/burgundy colour which is one of my favourites. It’s so fluffy that I sat stroking them for an hour the other day.  The dog wasn’t impressed.

I said that these were the simplest of the Grinch collection but there is still more.  Both of the strings of lights feature little stars and jangle a little when you walk.  It’s such a cute little attention to detail thing which is very Irregular Choice. ‘Grinch’ is also written down the side of both shoes in big green glitter writing.  We also have the pompoms again that feature on a lot of the collection, including the Vengeful and Mean bag.  I have put these shoes with that bag a few times but discovered by accident that the reverse of the bag goes so so well with these shoes with its eyes, black velvet and star.  Who says you must have your bag the right way round anyway?

The heels are the same basic structure and height of Ban Joes at 7.5cm making them very comfy and easy to walk around in.  I love the red glitter and purple detail of the heel too.  I colour pop in the back.  The shoes have an RRP of £175 and are available in sizes 37, 38, 40 and 41 from Shoe Emporium at the time of writing although other sizes are available direct and from other stockists.  We conducted our own little launch sizing party and Nicola, Chamina and I all found them true to size.  You can watch our mini sizing video here:

I didn’t plan to get these shoes originally but I’m so glad I changed my mind as they’re my favourite of the entire collection, even without the perfect bag to match.  I have a feeling that my charge cable is going to getting a lot of use with these ones.  I’m so thankfully they are chargeable otherwise I think I would have worn mine out already.  I told you, I’m obsessed.  I’m off to watch the light up video again.

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