Kooky for the Kookaburra

The next collection comes from a brand new (to Erstwilder) artist. Jocelyn Proust is an iconic Australian talent who is best known for her striking abstract prints and use of bold colour. Jocelyn has set about creating a range of necklaces, brooches, earrings and gorgeous scarves by drawing inspiration from observing, photographing and drawing birds and plants in her own back garden.

The collection brings to life Jocelyns ideas and immortalises them in some of the most stunning resins I have seen from Erstwilder to date.

This collection reminds me of another artist who regularly collaborates with Erstwilder- Pete Cromer. I have to say this collection does not disappoint and dare I say this? …….. I think I prefer Jocelyns designs as they have more movement and flow. I can see this collection being very popular indeed due to the cheeky characters and use of beautiful colours. In total there are 2 necklaces, 17 brooches, 2 cardigan clips, 4 earrings, 7 scarves and a whopping 20 essential earrings. Shoe Emporium have the whole collection coming into store so hopefully you can get everything you want from one place.

I do not normally comment on what I think will sell or not as I very often (Like most collectors) get it totally wrong. What I will say is, I think this collection is going to be very popular and will fly right out.

Let get down to it shall we?

The Chippy Caper Brooch

This cheeky chappy is just waiting to grab a chip! This super cute little guy just makes me smile as he reminds me of days by the sea. He is a stunning pearl resin in white and grey with deep red feet and beak. The criss cross pattern in the resin gives this piece so much texture to the birds feathers using only two colours as the lights reflets back in different directions- Love him! Measures 50mm by 55mm and is £24.95

Hello Cocky Brooch

Well hello handsome! This guy is sitting in his tree having a jolly good chat to himself while looking very proud of himself.  This ripple resin is pearl white with the yellow tail and wing feathers hand painted meaning each piece is slightly different. On top of his head is a beautiful crest of white and yellow head feathers giving this guy lovely movement and realism. Measures 68mm by 44mm and is £24.95

Major Mitch Brooch

Well look at you Mr Mitch! This guy is happily nesting in a big tropical leaf and waiting to attract the attention of the other birds ♥ This stunning piece has an almost cracked effect on the main body which adds to the depth and detail. His tail feathers are a variety of white and red and have hand painting on them. I love how his crest has different colours within each feather. Measures 61mm by 54mm and is £24.95

Silly Willy Wag Tail Brooch

I don’t think there is anything silly about this little guy, he’s just a little sweetheart. He has the same gorgeous black resin with colourful pieces in as we saw in ‘Life finds a way’ from the Dinosauria collection. The tail feathers are hand painted giving a unique finish and his tummy is the most beautiful pearl resin. Measures 62mm by 62mm and is £24.95

Pair O’Keets Brooch set

Well just look at these two! Maybe its my weird sense of humour but to me, these two are old friends having a jolly good gossip about ‘Her who lives at number 22’ The detail in this brooch set is amazing and with it being two individual brooches, you can wear them in so many different ways making them super versatile. They are made up of a combination of ripple resin with lots of hand painted detail around the head and wing feathers…. Now back to her down the road…..Measures 71 by 33mm and is £33.95

Everything’s Rosy Brooch

This lady is full of vibrant colours and is sure to turn heads. The main body is a vibrant red with swirls of darker red but the wow factor is defiantly her tail feathers which are shades of blues and blue/greens. The wing has so much detail with indents in the resin which is then hand painted to add more depth- she’s one smart lady! Measures 58mm by 56mm and is £24.95

King of the Coast Brooch

Another handsome birdie just flew in! I love the wind and tail feathers on this piece- he certainly is the king of colour. Similar to Everythings Rosy the main body is vibrant red with darker (almost black) pigment and the wing and tail feathers are a myriad of blue and greens which just make you think this guy is from paradise. Measures 55mm by 59mm and is £24.95

As Good as Gould Brooch

One of the most colourful birds in the collection this little sweetie will bring a pop of colour to any outfit. This piece has several areas of interest including chunky glitter resin on the chest with an indented area on the wing with blue and green patches. This colourful character also comes as cardigan clips if you like matching sets. Measures 41mm by 63mm and is £24.95

Gumtree Royalty Brooch

Wow! This stunner is possibly my favourite from all of the birds in the collection, he just has a cheeky look about him that makes me think he’s up to a prank! There is so many colours and textures in this guy that he has to be seen to take it all in, however, I will give it a go…..His head is ripple resin with glitter resin on the chest. Colourful spots on the wings are then finished with blue, green and navy tail feathers. The hand painted eye is the most realistic of all of the birds and I can see this guy literally flying out on launch day. There ar4e matching earrings available for this guy too which are covered further down the blog. Measures 69mm by 40mm and is £24.95

Pinky Promise Brooch

This little sweetie is just tickled pink, and so am I when I look at him. In a range of different pinks along with shimmer and pearl resin, he has the same cracked look on the main body as other pieces in this collection which add to the movement of the bird. He has hand painted tail feathers making each and every one unique. For the collectors who like matchy matchy you will be pleased to hear that this design also comes in cardigan clips and also drop earrings which are further down the blog. Measures 69mm by 38mm and is £24.95

Cheer for Protea Brooch

What a beautiful little bloom this piece is, with colourful leaves framing the flower in the middle, this piece is made from stunning ripple resin which looks so different in different lights. Like a lot of pieces from this collection, this is made up from several layers of resin giving a depth to the flower. The shape of this is cup like so looks lovely matched with any of the birds from this collection. Measures 73mm by 54mm and is £27.50

Bushy Blush Brooch

This piece was the biggest surprise to me as the stock images didn’t do it justice at all! This spiky fruit plant is just so pretty in hues of red, orange and brown with lots of hand painted detail- just be careful you don’t prick yourself on it! This fruity little number also makes a cameo appearance in the Flora Antipodea necklace for the ladies who like to match.Measures 65mm by 61mm and is £27.50

A Walk in the Wattle Brooch

This piece was one of the first sneak peeks from Erstwilder and was featured with Hello Cocky. The Wattle sometimes also known as acacia is a pretty little plant which is represented in both glitter and ripple resin and brought to life with hand painted detailing. I think this brooch looks lovely on its own but would also pair well with so many others from the collection. Measures 68mm by 51mm and is £24.95

Hum of the Gum Brooch

Featuring both ripple and glitter resin this floral affair is sure to make you smile. The flower part of this piece is an almost pearl finish with blues, pinks, purples and yellows all shining through the fuschia pink blooms. The use of the glitter resin on the back leaf gives the piece depth and the light plays with the colours in this piece beautifully. This design also comes in matching dangly earrings and is also featured in the Flora Antipodea necklace both of which are below. Measures 61mm by 52mm and is £24.95

Waratah Warmth Gum Brooch

Well, this floral triumph certainly makes me feel warm and fuzzy. With a combination of ripple resins in hues of greens for the leaves and the main flower being in pinks and reds along with accents of creams. The movement in this piece is amazing- I can almost imagine the leaves wafting in the gentle summer breeze! This floral piece would pair so well with almost any of the birds from this collection that it’s an almost essential item to try to get. I can imagine it being very popular indeed. Measures 63mm by 73mm and is £24.95

Call Me the Wild Rose Brooch

I am not normally a lover of very floral pieces of jewellery particularly when it is just flower heads without greenery, but this little number has such stunning resin that I cannot help but love it ♥ This brooch features three rose heads plus one bud in pinks and reds with the same resin as I mentioned further up on Hum of the Gum, the way light is thrown back at you giving different colours is just beautiful. The below picture was taken on a fairly overcast day so can you imagine what it’s like in the sun? I might just be a floral convert…..Measures 56mm by 69mm and is £27.50

Wild Rose Brooch Set

For those collectors who like to mix and match up their brooch game. These three individual brooches come together in a set but can be used in so many ways. They are the same stunning resin as its counterpart above but with the added benefit of being separate pins. Measures 36mm by 37mm and is £36.95

Flora Antipodea Necklace

I do not know where to begin with this one! It’s just a complete showstopper! Again, the stock pictures of this did not do it anywhere near justice. This statement necklace features four of the floral designs in one piece and therefore can be paired with all of those designs plus many of the birds. This is a big necklace and is possibly one of my favourite pieces from the collection (remind me why I did not order it? 😳)Measures 140mm by 100mm and is £41.95

Pair O’Keets Necklace

Look at this adorable pair sharing a perch. Interestingly, unlike the brooch set, this pair look like a couple sitting in their tree, I wonder if they will sit in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G? Oh crikey, I’ve got that tune in my head now……This piece is the same as the other designs which if paired together will just look amazing. I have covered the brooch set above and the earrings below. Measures 92mm by 69mm and is £36.95

Pair O’Keets Earrings

The matching earrings to the Pair 0’Keets design. Can you imagine trying to get a word in edgeways with this chatty lot? This cute pair is the exact same design and resins but in a smaller version for your ears! Each earring measures 62mm by 20mm and they are £24.95

Gumtree Royalty Earrings

Seen here with the matching brooch, these cute earrings match the tail feathers on our colourful friend. They are shimmer resin in blues and greens with beautiful hand painted feather design. As with all the earrings in this collection they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Each earring measures 40mm by 19mm and they are £19.95

Pinky Promise Earrings

Can earrings get any cuter? I love the chubby little faces on these guys! They use the same cracked resin along with ripple cream on the crest. They match the Pinky Promise brooch (above) and Cardigan clips (below) perfectly. Each earring measures 34mm by 28mm and they are £24.95

Hum of Gum Earrings

These drop earrings are just so sweet and dainty and due to the myriad of colour in the blooms will be very versatile to wear, but of course match the Gumtree royalty brooch and Flora Antipodea necklace perfectly. Each earring measures 39mm by 21mm and they are £19.95

As Good as Gould Cardigan Clips

Look at this set! As Good as Gould is available in cardigan clips as well as a brooch (featured above) These cardigan clips will look fab on any piece of clothing, and I can imagine they would look nice as a brooch cluster with one of the floral pieces from the collection in the middle if you are not a cardigan wearer. Made in the exact same resins as the brooch these colourful little guys are sure to be a hit. Each clip measures 31mm by 47mm and they are £27.50

Pinky Promise Cardigan Clips

More items from the Pinky Promise design- I just love this little Gallah so much- He actually looks like he’s smiling to me ♥ These cardigan clips will add a pop of perfect pink to whatever you are wearing and are an exact replica of the other items detailed above.There are three items in the set, Brooch, earrings and cardigan clips- Will you go for it all? Each clip measures 35mm by 27mm and they are £24.95

Pair O’Keets Neck and Head Scarf

Featuring our chatty friends sitting on a perch in perfect companionship. The background of these scarves is white with pops of beautiful blues. I can imagine these items will sell fast as not only are they the usual Erstwilder quality but have a beautiful design by the lovely Jocelyn.

These gorgeous scarves are 100% polyester with a velvet chiffon feel and can be cold hand washed. Measurements: Neck scarf is 70cm by 70cm and Head scarf is 70cm by 180cm. Prices: Neck scarf £16.95 and Head scarf £10.95

Pink Promise Neck and Head Scarf

Our colourful friend the gorgeous Gallah printed onto a dark blue background along with the Waratah Warmth gum design also represented here. Again, sure to be a firm favourite.

These gorgeous scarves are 100% polyester with a velvet chiffon feel and can be cold hand washed. Measurements: Neck scarf is 70cm by 70cm and Head scarf is 70cm by 180cm. Prices: Neck scarf £16.95 and Head scarf £10.95

Major Mitch Neck and Head Scarf

Over to you Major! He is absolutely the boss of the birds with that crest! Beautiful pale blue background with pale pink and white Major Mitch birds. Perfect for summer days.

These gorgeous scarves are 100% polyester with a velvet chiffon feel and can be cold hand washed. Measurements: Neck scarf is 70cm by 70cm and Head scarf is 70cm by 180cm. Prices: Neck scarf £16.95 and Head scarf £10.95

Bird Flock Square Scarf

The perfect scarf for collectors who can’t decide which one they want! This beauty features several of the birds from the collection on a stunning navy background that makes the birds pop!

This beautiful scarf is 100% polyester with a velvet chiffon feel which can be cold hand washed. Measures 90cm by 90cm and is £16.95

Essential Earrings

Kookaburra drop earrings. Comes in Blue, Green, Cream and Fuchsia. Measure 42mm by 15mm

Bird Stud earrings. Comes in Blue, Green, Cream and Fuchsia. Measure 14mm by 23mm

Flower drop earrings. Comes in Blue, Green, Cream and Fuchsia. Measure 36mm by 40mm

Flower stud earrings. Comes in Blue, Green, Cream and Fuchsia. Measure 16mm by 20mm

Wagtail drop earrings. Comes in Blue, Green, Cream and Fuchsia. Measure 32mm by 32mm

All essential earrings are priced at £5.50 and come on an Erstwilder  branded card

I hope as always, this blog has helped you to decide on your purchases pre-launch and as always, I hope you get what you want,

Love Nicola x

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