Insects and Flowers

This mini collection comes as Erstwilders second launch this month, its exactly what it says on the tin: Insects and Flowers in mini sizes. This collection is perfect to pair up with so many other pieces that you already have and I love the versatility of the subject matter. In total there are ten mini brooches, five Insects and five Flowers, they all come in Erstwilders standard mini box design and are all priced at £18.95 Lets have a look at those critters and blooms shall we?

To Bee or not to Bee

Original design by Sally Land

Never at home amongst larger colonies, the female blue-banded bee is more at home in a little burrow all her own (or adorning your blouse)

Measures up at 33mm by 54mm

Prince of Orange

Original design by Sally Land

It might be a small world, but its best to get out there and see the world whilst you have the chance. Now so easy when you have, on average, 250 offspring!

Measures 30mm by 54mm

Lou Lou Ladybug

Original design by Sally Land

Im not a true bug and not necessarily a lady. But I am quite a useful little garden companion and a striking one at that.

Measures 38mm by 35mm

Wander Lust

Original design by Elena Long

10 Years is a little long to wander, even if you have wings. Still, it’s always best to follow one’s heart. Home will always be there.

Measures 46mm by 44mm

Reticulated Rebel

Original design by Sally Land

Just your everyday, garden variety super hero, with an adhesive strength several times its own weight. We’re a little jealous.

Measures 37mm by 46mm

Woven Wattle

Original design by Elena Leong

Interlaced gold and green- doesn’t this small but sweetly scented symbol fill you with immense pride?

Measures 41mm by 48mm

Heartfelt Hydrangea

Original design by Carmen Hui

A ‘Vessel of Water’, A bountiful bloom. A Hydrangea for the heart, from blue to pink, pink to blue. An adorable little addition to a blossoming bouquet.

Measures 40mm by 52mm

Follow the Sun

Original design by Carmen Hui

When you’re feeling blue, or a little down, let the sunflowers shining yellow face guide you to brighter spirits.

Measures 37mm by 47mm

Budding Romance

Original design by Carmen Hui

The little rhyme says it all: Roses are red, violets are blue. And by any other name, they would smell as sweet, its true. Its all about that La Vie en Rose.

Measures 40mm by 27mm

Sword and Sorcery

Original design by Carmen Hui

The sword lily, a gladiators bud. From colosseum to your little garden bed. A strong flower at heart.

Measures 41mm by 48mm

As always, I hope this guide has been useful and has helped you decide what you are going for prior to the launch.

Love Nicola Xx

*Stories by Esrtwilder*

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