Im Here For The Presents

We are very used to very different shoes on each foot as IC fans aren’t, we.  So often the descriptions read ‘Left/right foot different’ but with I’m Here for The Presents the boots feature two different parts of the story (like we saw with The Cat In The Hat boots).  On one boot we have Grinch feet sticking out of the Chimney of a Whoville house.  The essence of the town is captured perfectly with the pink and purple house topped with a fluffy snow-covered roof. A bright red ladder points us to the direction of the Grinchy mischief with a sliver and gold chimney topped with even more fluffy snow and sparkly pompoms.  It is perhaps the simplest design of the two boots but there’s still so much going on, staying very true to the original artwork.

The second boot is the show stealer.  It really is.  If both boots were this boot, I would have had no choice but to buy them.  First can we talk about the stockings.  There’s three, they move when you walk and they are held onto a suede fireplace with three shiny beads (these seriously shine if you catch them in the right light).  Behind the stockings we of course have the Grinch, upside down and ready to pounce out into the room to get all your presents and tree into his sack.  Oh, he is a mean one on these boots, grinning from cheek to cheek.  His red and white Santa hat with its little silver pompom staying stuck on his head.  Again, the boot is topped with white fluffy fluff that is seriously so soft.

The front and heel of the shoes bring some coherency, with both matching on either shoe.  The black bow is adorned with a gold ribbon and bow to turn them into a perfect little present whilst the combinations of fabric on the front are simply stunning.  The white glitter and purple shine compliment both shoes so well. It’s one of those times where so many fabrics and textures really work together so well.  The black glitter at the toe has so so so many colours of glitter within it and it really matches well with the black glitter of the Vengeful and Mean bag.  The different colour pompoms on the top of the shoe match also, you can see this better on my video review here (sorry in advance that it’s quite quiet):

I found the boots true to size but I know both Chamina and Nicola had issues getting the shoes to fit around their legs.  I wore a size 39 and the boot opening was 34cm.  The heel height is 8.6cm and from the top of the heel to the top of the boot measures 24cm.  It’s the same basic boot shape as The Kringles, Ghost House, Ginger’s House, Arise and Trees A Crowd.  They have an RRP of £249 and are available from Shoe Emporium in sizes 38 to 42 at the time of writing.

You can watch our little mini sizing video here.  I know it’s just a basic TTS or not but it’s kind of fun (well I think so anyways):

I have to admit that when I first saw images of these boots, I wasn’t that keen.  They seemed a little less impressive than the rest of the Grinch collections, which seriously is a feat of marvel, but I completely changed my mind after wearing them (very carefully) for video and photos.  They are very much a grower, I think.  I may very well end up regretting the decision not to buy them.  Both boots photograph so well, even the one that’s a little, well, a little less exciting.  Just looking at them to write this review has made me want them a little bit more.  Someone please buy them all so that I don’t have to find somewhere for them to live in the shoe room that I can’t get into.  You can’t see it I know, but I’m covering my face with my hands.

Happy Grinchmas, I’m off to re-evaluate my shoe ban!

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