Hello again Miss Kitty

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I wrote a Hello Kitty blog….. and that’s because it isn’t! As you all recall, earlier this year Erstwilder launched a Hello Kitty range of acrylic jewellery and now all of our shoe god prayers have been answered in the form of this upcoming Irregular Choice launch featuring our favourite feline along with some of her friends.It been a while since IC did a collaboration and Im super happy with this offering. As I formally introduced you to the star of the show (Incidentally a name of one of the shoes) on my last Kitty blog, I feel I should tell you a little about her here too. Hello Kitty(also known as Kitty White) was created in 1974 by Yuko Shimizu for Sanario and has become a globally recognised fictional figure. Her character is supported by a cast of friends (some of which feature in this collection) along with Mimmy, Kittys’ twin sister who is also her best friend. Kitty lives with her sister and their parents in the suburbs of London and one of Kittys favourite sayings is ‘you can never have too many friends’- How adorable!So what has the ever creative genius that is known as Dan Sullivan got in store for us? Shall we have a look?

Playing Dress up

The first glimpse we had at the new collection was these super fun character heel boots. You literally dress up our favourite feline friend with these boots. They’re different designs on each boot- one features Kitty and the other is her wardrobe which has two different dresses and bows inside so you can customise her outfit – wow! The heel on these boots is Kitty dressed in blue and red and she is holding a pink glitter heart. Heel height is 11.5cm with a 1.5cm platform, so essentially just a tad higher than the classic Nick of Time. Unfortunately, my chubby ankles would not comply with these stunning boots and I could only get the zip about 3/4 of the way up. I found that I also needed to size up in these as I always do in characters.

RRP is £199

Star of the Show

Sticking with the stunning Kitty character heels but his time a slip on shoe with the same Kitty heel (albeit in different colours) There are three different colour ways in this shoe: Purple, purple black and purple blue, or as I like to name them, Sequin, Black and Blue! The first is sequin and I have to say, the stock images do these shoes no justice at all- for a start you can’t see that the sequins are reversible and on the other side are the most pretty silver holographic effect I have seen of late. The patterned versions, i.e Black and Blue feature an all over pattern of heart encased bows with flowers scattered in between. All of the colours feature the same front embellishment which is a heart shaped frame with a print of Kittys rabbit friend Melody inside with a flat Kitty face onto which acts as a tongue to the shoe. The back of the blue and black features a pale purple bow which wraps around the back of the shoe with a cute flower print all over. The only other difference is the Kitty heel; on the black and blue, Kitty is dressed in a pink glitter dress holding a red heart and on the sequin version she is dressed in a lilac dress with hearts all over and holding a pink glitter heart, the bow on the back matches kitty dress. Heel height is 11.5cm with a 1.5cm platform. I sized up in these as I do with all characters.

RRP is £179

Its time to have fun

These really are fun! Why would you not want your shoes to resemble an aeroplane? These are also an unmatched pair, with Kiki and Lala in the plane windows on the left shoe and Melody and Gudetama on the right shoe. Both shoes have a ‘wing on the rise from the sole to the heel and a tail on the back- just genius! The fronts have a kitty face complete with embroidered eyes, nose and whiskers and again feature Kitty on the ‘tongue’ of the shoe, this time she is in her cockpit flying the plane surrounded by a metallic gold screen. The back of the heel is the same on each shoe, featuring a pink furry bow. I found this size true to size and really comfortable. Heel height is 11.5cm with a 1.5cm platform.

RRP is £135

Smiling down at you

The perspex heel makes a return for this one. Kiki and Lala feature on these asymmetrical shoes. Each shoe features one of the Twin stars on the ankle, and they each sit on the end of a rainbow which goes over the top of a castle. (Sounds like my kind of place). The main body of the shoe is made up of several layers of metallic, glitter and shiny colours with a big Pink star on the fronts of each shoe along with gold stars dotted onto of the castle and on the twins wands. They feature a zip up the back which makes getting your feet in and out so much easier. I was a little worried about how the rainbow would feel around the front of my legs but they are actually quite roomy and soft. I took my normal size in these so I would say they are true to size. Heel height is 9.6cm.

RRP is £159

Memories and Smiles

These chunky Mary Jane style flats were the second sneak peek and got lots of love on social media, but its easy to see why. The main body of these shoes are the most gorgeous purple glitter which is then topped with Kiki on the left shoe (accompanied by a pink bear)and Lala on the right (accompanied by a a lilac rabbit). With further appliqués on the backs of the shoes featuring the castle and rainbow that is on Smiling down at you there is a lot of detail in this design considering it’s a flat shoe. The strap is metallic baby blue and is generous enough for wider feet. The sole on these is pale pink and doesn’t feel like I thought it would, its actually kind of spongy and fairly light weight given the depth of it. I found these true to size and quite wide fitting. Heel height (which is a platform) 4cm.

RRP is £169

Everyone Loves You

One of my favourite ever soles from IC, the cleated sole! Melody is the star of this design and these pale lilac boots feature her head and more importantly her very cute floppy ears on the outer aspect. Melody is made up of super soft fur in hot pink with yellow embroidered spots. Her eyes are plastic embellishments to give them depth and the details are finished off with egg and strawberry details and the cutest pink fluffy tail you ever did see! The main body of the boot is lilac with white love hearts and there is additional detail on the outer toe part with blue/green glitter to represent grass. The boots are a zip fastening and I found these to be fairly forgiving to the chunkier leg. For anyone who has never tried this particular shape of boot from IC and are thinking it looks high, fear not- it has a huge platform so the actual height is much less than you originally think (plus its quite a chunky heel) I took my normal size in these and therefore they are in my opinion, true to size. Heel height 11.4cm with a 3.5cm platform

RRP £199

You Crack Me Up

These literally just make me smile every time I see them. These high tops feature everyones favourite lazy egg: Gudetama. The main body is lots of different cute prints of Gudetama in different poses and with some yummy vegetables on a bright yellow background, this is then finished with white/silver metallic fabric around the lace holes (which are all metal) and a huge Egg surprise on the ankles! Open up the egg shell and who is there? Gudetama- he’s so cheeky! As if that isn’t enough Egg detail, he also makes an appearance on the tongue on the high-ups in yellow fur with white PU egg shell on top of his head (do eggs have a head??) Although I don’t have ant lovely on foot pictures of these (due to a error in the despatch on these) I did manage to try them and can confirm I found them true to size.

RRP is £159

Just Be You!

I think these are the Most Hello Kitty out of the whole collection as the embellishments just remind me of most HK merchandise. I describe these as proper winter boots that look like they’re going to be heavy but are actually quite light. Each of these has a picture frame made from metallic purple material on the outer aspect of the boots, the right foot is Kitty and the Left is Melody, they are surrounded by faux pearl and pink gems. Below the picture frames is two flaps which when lifted reveal dressing up items such as hair rollers and nail polish- I think Kitty and Melody must have dates! The main body is the same purple glitter as Memories and Smiles along with the green from everyone loves you and then the cherry on the cake is a heart on the front which has a big pink gem in the shape of a heart. Once again, like the playing dress up, I couldn’t get the zips done up on these- IC- please sort this! Other than that I found them true to size and super comfy. Heel height 2cm (which is a platform).

RRP is £199

A World of Happiness

The wheels on the bus go round round round……….. Wow, I actually love these! This time Kitty is driving the bus/car. There is seriously so much detail on these I don’t know where to start! I will go with the sole….. this is the same as recent releases such as Boombox Bestie and Big Bolt, it features a flashing ‘spirit level’ light in the centre of the sole (this isn’t rechargeable but literally lasts years) The main body of the shoes is printed PU with details such as Hello Kitty and the detail of the front of the car, depth is added by the tongue of the shoe being the bonnet of the car with the laces going through this. There is a gold scalloped edged glitter layer at the bottom of the shoe which also has the 3D wheels attached to. The back window of the car has a little dog watching the world pass him by as he and Kitty go off on an adventure. The very top of the shoe is made to look like the car windows with clear perspex with the front is in the shape of a windscreen complete with silver wind mirrors on the appropriate side of the car. Behind the wheel we have a felt kitty complete with whiskers looking through- How Cute!!!! I found these true to size and oh so fabulous!

RRP is £199

You Brighten My Day

These platform trainers are one of two different colour ways available and has the most detail. The main body is a combination of lilac printed PU with flower detail and the beautiful sequins that feature on Star of the show (meaning they are reversible) and a multi coloured appliqué heart on the front which is topped with a large pink gem. The wow factor in these is the Frustration type pod on the ankle which encases a pretty 3D Hello Kitty model. The tongue is super soft yellow fur on the back with a clear encased scene from Hello Kitty on the front with 3D hearts and stars in pastel colours. I found these true to size and really comfy. Heel height (which is a platform) is 4cm.

RRP is £179

The Cutest style bag

I love a round bag and Its o glad Ic have featured this shape in the collection. This bag features a top grab handle but also has a long strap making it more versatile. The front is lilac with white hearts and has a cut out which has a printed Kitty along with some of her accessories, blow that is rainbow coloured embroidered letters spelling out Hello Kitty and underneath in black thread, Accessorise me! This is all finished off with a big red 3D bow which feels velvety. The top zip part of the bag has the same sequins as Star of the show making it a great match for those shoes. The back is plain lilac metallic fabric. Dimensions are 8 x 28 x29.5cm

RRP is £149

Hello Kitty bag

This was the first bag to be shown on the sneak peeks and again it got quite a bit of love. This quirky bag is shaped to look like Kitty Whites house with the fun being that the front opens as it would on a dolls house! The bag comes with a Kitty magnet that you can attach to the printed part of the bag so when you close it, kitty is peeking out of the house in what ever room you put her in. The fun doesn’t end there however with the back and sides of this bag all having extra details, The back is printed PU with Kitty riding her bike past her front door- no doubt off on an adventure. The underneath of the bag is green and has Hello Kitty printed in black letters. Dimensions are 24x13x15cm.

RRP is £145

Its Time to have fun Cross body bag

This matches the Its time to have fun shoes and is shaped as an aeroplane of course! This is a mid sized cross body bag that has a 3D wing. Kitty is of course piloting her crew of friends on her Pink bow topped plane. Most of the detail is printed PU part from the hearts along the top which are embroidered and the back is pastel faux fur. It is a Zip fastening. Dimensions 27.5 x 15.5 x 1cm.

RRP is £59.99

Say Hello when you see me Cross body bag

I think to call this a bag is a bit of a stretch if Im honest and I prefer to think of it as a cross body purse. It matches Just be you boots perfectly as it also features the same photo frame design as the boots. It is made up primarily of purple metallic PU and is made to look like a hand held mirror which is just so clever as the reflection looking back at you is Kitty White or Melody depending which side you look at. The edges of the ‘mirror’ are adorned with the same faux pearl and gems as the boots and give this little purse just the right amount of bling. Dimensions 22x13x3 cm

RRP is £69.99

Hang in there bag

Gudetama is hanging around on his own bag which can also be used as a mini backpack. The main background is pale pink with printed egg shells with little plants in but the star of this piece is our favourite lazy egg who is represented in shines bright yellow material. This flip top magnetic clasp bag also has the security of having zip closure underneath the flap which is longer than previous version which used to be a pain to get in- this is egg-cellent! Dimensions 23.5 x 15.5 x 24 cm.

RRP is £125

Friendship Travel bag

Chamina refers to this as a suitcase and to be fair, if you were a light packer you could totally make this work as a weekend travel bag (In Chamina case, it just about carries what she brings to work!) This bag has a pastel and vibrant side and so can be used for lots of different outfits. One one side Melody and Piano-chan are sitting on a log passing the time in quiet friendship, on the other, Kitty is riding her scooter around the fairground with its Ferris wheel and food stalls selling delicious snacks. The top part of the bag is closed by a zipper and this has the same pretty reversible sequins that are on Star of the show amongst other designs from this collection. Dimensions 41x31x17cm

RRP is £179

My Melody Pouch

I love the versatility of pouches and this one doesn’t disappoint! It matches Everyone Loves you perfectly and features the same cute My Melody face as the boots. The back of the pouch features a printed scene of My Melody and Piano-Chan at home reading books with stuffed bears having tea. The bottom of the reverse is gold metallic material with the words My melody embroidered into it. Both ends of the zip closure have heart shaped My Melody picture on both sides. Dimensions 24.5 x 21 x 1 cm.

RRP is £75

Kiki and Lala bag

This cute doctor style bag features its namesakes, Kiki and Lala either side of a pastel rainbow with fur to represent the clouds and a big confetti filled star over the front flap. Anyone who knows this style of bag will know that underneath the flap in a push stud type closing making it nice and secure but also easy to get into. Again the bag has a pretty reverse with our Twin Stars off on a ballon ride with their animal friends. The nag also comes with a long strap so you can use it as a cross body/shoulder style bag should you wish. Dimensions 26x21x12.5 cm.

RRP is £149

Star of compassion Purse

The only purse available to independent stockists is a cute star shaped zip closure coin purse which feature Kiki and Lala on the same confetti star as is seen on the Kiki and Lala bag making it a great matching set. The back is plain white metallic PU. Dimensions 15x15x1cm.

RRP is £39.99


There are five different design tights in this collection. Shoe Emporium have four of the designs available. RRP is £33

Dress up

Strawberry Melody

So Lovely

Spreading Happiness

Sunny side up.

Sunny side up are the only design that Shoe Emporium is not stocking. I have included them however in case you wanted to source these elsewhere. NB Pictures of tights and scarves are not mine, they are the property of IC. (We didn’t want to open tights that are going to be sold)


There is two different scarves in this collection. RRP £36.99

Kitty Cute

Pretty Melody

I hope this has been informative for you and helps you to decide what you would like from the collection, as always, I hope you get what you want!

Love Nicola Xx

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