Every shoe fan in IC Ville

Loved launch days a lot

For when it’s a Grinch launch 

How could you not?

Want to know what wonders

And treasures a hide?

Well, you’re in luck

Here’s a handy guide

Holiday Intolerant

These are my favourite of the whole collection.  I seriously love this heel already and have it on the Zevra’s, Hippokampos and Outta Time.  The heel features moving glitter in different variations that I love, this time it’s Grinchy green, white and black glitter with little pompoms and stars. I’m seriously obsessed.  I could literally talk all day just about the heel but really the rest of the shoe is simply incredible.  One shoe is pretty much taken over by a big smiling Grinch face.  In a Santa hat!! I seriously have no words to express the glory this deserves and the pompom moves as you walk.  Not to be outdone, the other shoe has a Grinchy Santa arm complete with a fluffy trim holding a bauble.  That lights up!! You do have to hold the button on for three seconds or more to turn them on and it has three different modes. I’m like totally freaking out right now and I haven’t even mentioned that the whole thing is covered in sequins that are two tone gold and blue.  I am so going to be walking round singing ‘well I wish it could be Grinchmas every day’ in these.  My favourite shoe of 2020.

Sizing: True to Size.  Boot opening 28cm (size 39).  13 cm from the top of the heel to the top of the shoe.

RRP £219 sizes 36 – 43.  Heel height 8.1cm.

I’m Here For The Presents

These boots were revealed in the first preview and are very much the Who Ville of boots.  A scenic story teller rather than a character shoe, the first boot shows the adventure of getting to the roof of the Who Ville house whilst the second shows the scene after the Grinch has travelled down the chimney with Grinch feet sticking out an all.  I love the fireplace complete with stockings and shiny globe hangers on the second shoe so much.  There’s a lot of different fabric and textures going on with these shoes but I think it really works.  The fur trim and pom poms are pretty too.  It’s the same boot shape as The Kringles, Ghost House, Ginger’s House, Arise and Trees A Crowd and has a very similar fit I find.

Sizing: True to Size.  Boot opening 34cm (size 39).  24 cm from the top of the heel to the top of the shoe.

RRP £249 sizes 38 – 41. Heel Height 8.6cm. 

Green Machine

These trainers are a work of Pop Art.  If I didn’t need them on my feet, I’d consider hanging them on the wall (Really IC, we need the Who Hash can as a print) We have the Grinch peeping out from one side whilst the other says ‘Grinch’ in big green glitter letters.  The tongues are fluffy pink with a Grinchy eye that I think is a pretty cool detail. The shoes are complete with a purple zig zag trim that is so pretty and shiny, hot pink heels with Grinch Naughty and Nice hearts and bright blue laces to match the soles.  We have of course seen this shoe style in many versions now.  Total Catch, Cattitude, Green Fingers, Hugs Rule, Mermazing and Jazzy Jane to name a few.

Sizing: Slightly generous but not enough to size down.RRP £139 sizes 36 – 43

Green and Hairy

This fluffy green backpack is the perfect companion for the Green Machine trainers with the Grinch’s face taking up most of the bag as he holds a pocket in the same Who Hash print.  The finger detail around the front pocket of the bag is soooooo good.  The bag is on the larger size, the same as Butterpup and Jetpack, so you’re going to be able to fit a lot in it.  He’s big, green fluffy and proud!

RRP £185.  Dimensions 43x132x20 cm

Vengeful and Mean

This bag has everything.  Obviously, it has the Grinch.  His green suede effect head right in the centre, but it also has stars, rainbow glitter and actual 3D baubles and candy canes!  It’s rainbow, Grinch and Christmas.  I think I’ve died and gone to Grinchmas heaven!!  This bag is seriously bright.  There’s so much sparkle, glitter and shiny and the sides feature the same blue and gold two wat=y sequins as Holiday Intolerant (I really can’t figure out how they only seem transparent one way). I’m warning you now that this style of bag usually sells fast.  It sold out in both the Mulan and Aladdin collections, it went so quick as the Care-A-Lot bag and is a very hard to find in it’s Andy’s Toys Toy Stary variation.  It’s such a great bag shape that can straddle the void between a shoulder bag and handbag much better than any other Irregular Choice style (It’s my favourite for outfit photos as it’s so versatile but always looks good).  I love the back too, just a simple black velvet affair after the party on the front with gold star crediting the Grinch and he’s creator along with some very pretty Grinch eyes.  It comes with a shoulder strap or course.RRP £139.  Dimensions 26x121x12.5 cm

Dr Seuss bag

Oh my god.  This bag is fluffy and huge!  Dumbo huge!  Seriously, you put it over your shoulder and you just want to walk around with it forever.  I literally spent 20 minutes just stroking it.  It’s softer than a baby puppy playing with cushion soft toilet roll.  Then he has his green glittery hair on top, standing up and standing out.  The grinch side alone is enough to keep me talking for a zillion hours but he’s actually two bags in one so you’re getting double for your money. One the other side is our very lovely cat complete with whiskers!!  He’s set against a background of pink stars and he looks so amazing with The Cat In The Hat boots but I’m sure he’d look just as catfastic with any of the other shoes from that collection.  It is the most expensive bag but I have both the Dumbo and Mickey/Minnie versions and I use them far often than I ever thought I would.  I think he will hold his value too so good investment.

RRP £199. Dimensions 46x46x8 cm

A Devilish Plan

The pouch is back with its crossbody strap again.  The variation in the design on each side of this bag means that it can really go with any in the collection.  One the first side with have the fully Grinch face that we’ve come to love in all his fluffy glory.  He is just as soft as the Dr Seuss bag.  It’s an ideal match for Naughty and Nice and the trainers.  The other side has the Grinch arm holding a Dr Seuss bauble against a glittery green background and would look stunning I think with either of the boots or the light up Merry Grinchmas shoes.   The bag comes with a blue shoulder strap that can be removed and is all velvet and red inside.

RRP £69.99.  Dimensions 20x17x2 cm

There are also two purses.  The fist a coin purse called Not Nice which has a rrp of £45 and a clasp purse with a fluffy Grinch on one side and the Cat In A Hat on the other.  The second purse is called Today Is Your Day and has a rrp of £39. 

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