Fantastic Jurassic!

Wowsers, The New Dinosaur collection named Dinosauria from Erstwilder has us all in a tiz at Shoe Emporium HQ for a few reasons, the first being it is a huge collection, 24 pieces to be precise and that is not counting the Essential range of earrings we have in store for you. The second more important reason is that it is just a gorgeous collection of some cute as well as more lifelike pieces that have literal teeth, so there’s truly something for everyone who loves dinosaurs here.

This collection was designed by Carmen Hui who has worked with Erstwilder on many collections in the past and is the designer behind well-known designs such as Best Budgies, Flora Faced Fox and Janettie the Patient among many more.

The box design is earthy tones of browns and creams with our Favourite Dinosaur the T Rex in silhouette in front of some mountains while his flying friends circle overhead. The sides of the box have a Dinosaur skeleton head along with other fossils and footprints in the soil.

Prepare to step back in time 66 million years or thereabouts and let us see who we have in this fabulous line up (You might want to make yourself a cuppa first) ….

I’ll be Brach Necklace (Blue)

The Brachiosaurus in all their glory is the main focus of this piece, it’s a mixture of Blues and greens with hints of pink along the back, the tummy is a lovely pearl white that shimmers even in dull light but comes alive when the sun hits it. The necklace is finished with some green foliage behind the star of the show, again this is different shades which add to the depth of the scene. This piece, as usual comes on a silver-plated chain which has an extender should you require a longer length, and the measurements are Height 70mm Width 80mm.Priced at £31.95.

Neck and Neck Brooch (Blue)

Our love Dinosaurs ♥ This double pin brooch features a true love story with noses and necks together to form an unbreakable bond as well as a cute heart shape in the middle. The colours in each Dinosaur are similar with the one on the left a deeper colour, the other difference is the deeper coloured one on the left has glitter within the resin whereas on the right is more shimmery like in the I’ll be Brach necklace. As usual the brooch pins are silver plated, this piece comes in at Height 70mm and Width 59mm. Priced at £24.95.

I’ll be Brach Earrings (Blue)

Featuring our friend, the Brachiosaurus in hues of blue and green with the same pink tones as the

necklace these super cute (and lightweight) earrings complete the look. They are shimmer resin and measure up at Height 39mm and Width 27m m each. As usual the earring hooks are silver plated and come with a silicone back for security. Priced at £22.95.

Herbivore Heritage Necklace

There’s no love like a mother’s love and can’t we see that in this beautiful piece, baby Triceratops follows mummy close behind as she learns how to be a big dinosaur! At first glance this piece can be dismissed as a bit…. well grey! However, it is far from it with darker shades of grey, green and orange with pearl like horn detailing. It is a shimmer resin that soaks up the light and throws it back at you with newfound detail that cannot be seen on pictures very well. This is one of those pieces that needed our own photography as everything I have seen thus far has not done it justice. Measures in at Height 40mm and Width 68mm, as usual presented on silver plated chain with an extender if required. Priced at £27.50.

Herbivore Heritage Brooch

Who does not love a two-item pin brooch? The possibilities of how to wear this cute Mummy and baby Triceratops duo are endless. Again, I have not really seen any pictures that do this pair justice- the shimmer resin that has hidden detail in is surprising to me even now, there is dark and light grey, with light blue and hues of pinks with orange striping on the tail on mummy and the ears and back of baby. Mummy’s horn is a stunning white pearl like colour. As usual these are on Silver plated steel brooch pins. Measurements are Mummy’s Height 40mm and Width 68mm, baby’s Height 20mm and Width 34mm. Priced at £31.95.

Tricera-Pop Earrings

Finish off your Triceratops look with these tiny stud earrings- yes studs! I’m loving that there are some none dangly earrings too! These little guys are the same shimmer resin as the brooch and necklace in this set and measure up at Height 15mm and Width 20mm each. The earring post is silver plated. Priced at £22.95. Due to a mix up at Erstwilder HQ ours will be arriving on Monday 10th May but you can secure them by checking out on the web and we will send as soon as they come in.

Celine the Pterodactyl Brooch

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Pterodactyl soaring through the sky! This little brooch was love at first sight for me, the resin and colours are just stunning with a combination of shimmer resins in pale gold, sage green, and blues along with a section that resembles Lapis Lazuli all on a pearl white background which I think represents a cloud. Comes mounted on the usual Silver-plated steel pin and measures in at Height 43mm and Width 74mm. Priced at £27.50.

Celine the Pterodactyl Necklace

This is a similar design as the brooch so would look fabulous paired together, I think, or as my brain goes off on a wild thought process, Celine could be hanging on your neck above a Dinosaur on the ground like they would have been in past times ♥ Ta Da, you have a Jurassic scene on your neck/chest! She measures in at Height 70mm and Width is 85mm. Comes on the usual silver-plated chain which is 50cm with a 15cm extender should you want your beautiful necklace to sit lower. Priced at £27.50.

I’ll be Brach Necklace (Pink)

Our friend the Brachiosaurus in another colourway, this one is much softer pastel colours in shades of pink and lilac and would look stunning against darker coloured clothing in my opinion. Again, the resin is shimmery however this one unlike the blue version also has speckles of gold glitter which make the piece pop even more when the light hits it. She has the same green foliage in the background adding to the overall depth of the piece and giving a more 3d effect. The necklace is again silver plated and 50cm long with an extender chain. Measurements are Height 70mm Width 80mm. Priced at £31.95.

Neck and Neck Brooch (Pink)

Posed nose to nose and neck to neck to form a sweetheart shape this is another two-pin brooch of our Brachiosaurus Lovers. The colours on the two Dinosaurs are completely different on this version with one being the same colour as the necklace and the other a gorgeous soft shade of light green. Both have the same shimmer resin and the fine gold glitter speckles that I mentioned in the necklace, these give the softer colour an additional depth and sparkle. Measures in at Height 70mm and Width 59mm. Priced at £24.95.

I’ll be Brach Earrings (Pink)

These stunning little earrings are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit but look great paired with either the matching necklace or brooch (or even both!) They are the same soft pink shimmer resin with gold glitter speckles as the necklace and catch the sunlight beautifully. I’ve mentioned before but anyone worried about weight, please don’t be- they’re really light and comfortable for all day wear. The earring hooks as usual are silver plated and measure in at Height 39mm Width 27mm per earring. They’re priced at £22.95.

Double the Fun Brooch

Who doesn’t want double the fun? We do! This piece reminds me of a Japanese Kimono for some reason with the bright colours and patterns on his neck frill, this Dilophosaurus is just having a wonderful time. This piece comes alive when the light hits it and out of all the collection it was the photo below that surprised me the most at how it throws the colour back at you. It’s made up of the dinosaur’s head in the middle which is a mottled combination of dark and light greens with pink spots very similar to the Brachiosaurus necklace, this is then framed by two fans on either side of his head, they are deep red and pinks with gold patterns that are hand finished. I love the fact she has teeth as I like my Dinos to have bite! Height 56mm and Width 70mm. Priced at £24.95.

Ryxy Business Brooch

The Archaeopteryx, considered to be the first bird by many, isn’t he just stunning? This little fella looks as though he is poised ready to take flight. The colours on this are so vibrant and rich that He’s sure to be a conversation piece. The main body is turquoise blue shimmer resin with the underside of the wings being a copper orange. He has hand drawn feathers under his wings and tail, and he stands on a brown tree branch. Measures in at Height 50mm and Width 70 mm. Priced at £27.50.

Patty Plate Brooch

Now, I can’t decide if Patty is a Stegosaurus or a Kentrosaurus (although I’m leaning to the latter), But what I do know is she’s super cute and is one of the pieces I have myself are purchasing. Her body is the most divine mottled shimmer resin that I’ve not seen in a long time, she has different hues of greens, yellows, and purple with a pearl white tummy, but of course the best bit is her spikes which are orange and peach! Mind you do not get in her way! The only hand finished paint on her is her eye and this is because the resin does all the work ♥ Measures in at Height 50mm and Width 70mm. As always, her pin is silver plated steel. Priced at £24.95.

Bloody Rapt Brooch (Red)

What are these two up to? Better stand clear as they look fierce! I am loving that there are more lifelike pieces in this collection, and this is one of them. This brooch consists of two Raptors, both in glitter shimmer resin. The one at the back is a light grey colour and his pal in front (which I’ve decided is his wife) is a pinkie mottled red with grey mixed in. She looks like she might be annoyed he didn’t bring dinner home…. The detailing in the eyes and teeth on these two stand out for me and they scream Jurassic Park. Measuring Height 70mm and Width 63mm. Priced at £27.50.

Bloody Rapt Brooch (Green)

The next colourway of the previous brooch, this husband-and-wife Raptor duo is more typical dinosaur coloured being in shades of green. Husband at the back (I’m now convinced that’s what they are now) is deep sea green with glitter shimmer while his better half is more pastel mint green with mottled colours of purples as well as darker shades of green. I think this one is my Favourite of the two…. just! This measures the same as the previous brooch Height 70mm and Width 63mm and is also priced at £27.50.

Tenacious T Brooch

Ahh the king of the dinosaur world- The T Rex. This guy follows on from the previous brooch in being a more lifelike representation of a dinosaur. He looks splendid in shades of deep red (almost burgundy) through to orange on the top layers of the brooch which I think is a clever way of giving him depth and making him look more 3d. He is a combination of shimmer and mottled resin with gold glitter throughout. He has hand painted finishing touches on his tail and neck as well as his eye and nostril which is flared- better not make him anymore angry and just buy him already! Measures in at Height 70mm and Width 47mm. Priced at £27.50.

Peter Plant Eater Brooch

So, it took quite a bit of internet searching but I think Peter is a Parasaurolophus, these guys use their crest to resonate sound to alert another member of their herd- how sweet! This little guy sits on a background of green trees and grasses and himself is a stunning lavender colour in mottled resin with a white marbled belly and pale gold crest. As the foliage is both behind and in front of Peter it makes him look like he is moving between the grass and gives him depth. The only hand painted detail is his eye. I can imagine him paired with the pink I’ll be Brach necklace as the colours really complement each other. Measures up at Height 58mm and Width 75mm. Priced at £24.95.

Life finds a way Brooch.

I literally did a little yip when I first saw this on the release however when I saw it in real life I was further blown away. The birth of a new Dinosaur- wouldn’t that be great? The detail in what at first appears to be quite a plain brooch is amazing. The egg is a shimmer pearl white with hand painted cracks then the best bit is the yellow eye peeking out at us with his little claw just breaking through the shell. Even the back of this brooch is beautiful having blues, greens and pinks mottled in the black background for the open part of the egg- Love it. Measures in at Height 60mm and Width 45mm. Priced at £27.50.

Bad to the Bone Brooch

Our fossilised friends…. again, I like that they are not cutsie like some past Erstwilder releases. This brooch is part of a set but equally can be worn alone as a statement piece, the dinosaur head is predominantly pearl shimmer on a black background so it looks as though the eyes and nostrils are hollow as it would be if it were an actual skeleton- his teeth are still sharp though so let us hope he doesn’t bite you! Measures Height 45mm and Width 60mm. Priced at £24.95.

Bad to the Bone Cardigan Clips

The only set of cardigan clips in this collection and they don’t disappoint! These have a matching brooch and stud earrings (which we have been asking for a while). These don’t necessarily have to be used on a cardigan and can just as easy be used as a mock necklace by pinning at the top of your blouse in a downward arch. They feature the same pearl shimmer resin on top of black to make the eye holes etc stand out. The chain is the same silver-plated type as the necklaces. Measures up at Height 30 mm and Width 46mm per head. Priced at £24.95.

Bad to the Bone Studs

Finally, some stud earrings in this collection (in fact two pairs) These are a mini version of the brooch and cardigan clips. They are mounted on silver plated earring posts and measure in at Height 15mm and Width 21mm per earring. Priced at £19.95.

Sedimental Keepsake Brooch 

This piece reminds me of a fossil in its entirety, the main body is shimmer resin in soft brown and there is a skeleton of one of our beloved Dinosaurs in their final resting place. Towards the edge of the brooch there are some bright pops of Fushia pink. The skeleton is pearl white, and it shimmers beautifully in the light. Measure in at Height 61mm and Width 61mm.Priced at £24.95.

 Roar, It’s a Meteor!

So, this seems to have gotten lots of interest in the Erstwildian community, not least because it’s a Gift with Purchase (GWP) But also because its stunning! This brooch features a flaming meteor zooming across the sky in vivid colours of blue, red, orange, yellow and finally gold glitter! What is not to love! We’ve managed to get our mitts on a few of these which will be included in parcels for lucky shoppers when they spend over £100 on the new Dinosuria collection while stock lasts (T&C apply) Height 30mmWidth 76mm. We will also be running a competition for one of these so keep your eyes peeled 👀

We also have 16 (yes 16) Essential earrings that will be available, I’m not going to go into huge detail as I’m sure by now you need another cup of tea, but I’ve attached a picture below of the ones we have so you can plan your purchases in advance, I know as a collector myself it’s nice to be as prepared as you can for launch! These are priced at £5.50

I do hope this blog has been helpful for you and you’ve enjoyed reading

Love Nicola Xx

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