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So, the Dr Seuss The Cat in The Hat collection is now live.  How excited are we?  Well you should be.

“Look at me! Look at me! Look at me now!” these shoes and accessories are calling to you.  If you insist. How can you resist?

Here’s a quick guide to today’s entire launch bought to you by the very lovely Chamina at Shoe Emporium Mansfield.

Our first character heel is of course Cat’s stripy hat.  Each heel is different with the cat hat inverted in a different way.

The first we’ve seen during the previews. Aptly named The Cat In The Hat, these thigh high boots feature a cat balancing act on one shoe and a little bit of craziness on the other so very true to Dr Seuss and pretty much how I’d see cat in a hat if I closed my eyes and imagined.  The blue star background is stunning and the perfect compliment to those hatty red and white heels and striped blue toes. It’s quintessential Seuss and a perfect start of what else is to come in the collection. RRP £249. Sizes 36 to 43 and 10cm heel height. leg circumference Size 16cm at the top and 12cm at the ankle.

Size guide: We found these true to size

If boots are not for you then we also have Good Things. Aqua, red and whiter sketch shoes where the Things actually from the background pattern to our game playing cat and fish feature front and centre.  The shoes declare “Look at me now” and who wouldn’t be looking at you whilst your feet are adorned with these beauties. RRP £179 and 6cm heel height.

Size guide: A little roomy so don’t size up.

For the lover of flats (shoes, not cats or hats) we have two options.

The first are Dr Seuss and we’re getting a lot for your money.  Cat on one foot, ‘Dr Seuss’ written the only way it should be on the other and Thing 1 and 2 on the heels.  The opposite background colour scheme on each shoe is just perfect with the pink and blue tying everything together.  I love that the Things are on the heels rather than the puffy fluffy heads on the front as we’ve seen in previous ranges.  It gives a great balance I think.  They’re a shoe with the party in the back.  RRP £119

Size guide: A little roomy so don’t size up.

The second flat option is a high top named You-er Than You.  This time Thing 1 and 2 are right up front of the shoes which are a similar style to Happily Ever After from the Snow White range. How amazing is the black and white fluffy tongue and I’m not even unhappy that it’s white laces which usually drive me crazy.  They work here I think. That’s not all though, we have cat arms, and tartan and gold glitter, oh my.  Plus a Cat, wearing a hat, of course. We also have what I think is one of the best Dr Seuss quotes.  “There is no one alive who is more you-er than you!”.  How very true.  RRP £179

Size guide: We found these true to size

“But that is not all. Oh no. That is not all!”

The collection also has bags, tights and a purse.

I Know New Tricks is simply stunning.  It’s a shape you’ve seen before with the Hippokampas bag with the two compartments inside but instead of a sea horse this time we have the cat in a hat front and centre, tipping his hat to all he greets.  The colours are bold and striking, compliment The Cat In A Hat boots, with sequin sides.  It’s stary back tells us “Oh, the things you can find if you don’t stay behind!”.  It comes with a pretty turquoise strap.  RRP £149. Approx 27 x 19 x 11cm

Live To Have Fun The things feature again on our next bag, along with poor fish on either tab.  The bag is more of a barrel shape, again with blue sequin sides and a turquoise shoulder strap. ”You’re off to great places! Today is your day!” and you’re doing so with fabulous pink and black contrast.  RRP £129

Next, we have a Look At Me coin purse featuring our favourite cat that knows how to clean on the front and Thing 1 and 2 on the back along with my favourite quote again “There is no one alive who is more you-er than you!”.  RRP £32

Finally, we have The Cat In A Hat tights.  A pastel pink start background allows for the cartoon fabulousness to really stand out.  How can you not be a child at heart with these keeping your legs warm this winter and the perfect complement to the shoes in the collection, especially Good Things shoes.  Tights are suitable for sizes up to 16

Thanks for reading if you got this far.  What did you think?  Do you want more of these guides for future launches? Best of luck getting what you wanted.

This is post is a paid ad from Shoe Emporium.

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