Dr Seuss – Good Things

Hello again. This another paid ad blog post on behalf on Shoe Emporium from that crazy Sarah girl of Irregular Voice. I am being paid in kind for my writing but hopefully you’ll agree that it hasn’t affected my critique. My usual video review will follow shortly.

The Irregular Choice The Cat In A Hat launch brought us not one but two new character heels.  I’ve already addressed the first, the hat heel, in my review of The Cat In A Hat boots so this time we’re going to discuss the second.  The fish bowl heel.  A clear see through sphere with a little fish right inside.

If you’ve read my last review, I’ve already given a brief little history of Dr Seuss and the children’s story (I know that some people who don’t have English as a first language weren’t as familiar with it’s history). Here’s a little random fact, the fish was actually given a name in a TV special in 1971.  He’s called Carlos K. Krinklebine.  That’s quite a name for quite a fish. The fish, who is still no name fish in the original story, is our main voice of authority throughout the rhyming verse, telling everyone what to do and berating the Cat.  To be fair to the fish though, the Cat does fling poor fish up in the air when the balancing act comes crashing down.  He’s very lucky to have ended up in the teapot.

The fish bowl heel!! My friend Ali will hate it as she’s scared of fish but I thing it’s the greatest thing since, well the hat heel.  Unlike the snow globe heels, it’s not filled with water, but it does have a double layer of resin.  Both levels are clear but the bottom section contains glitter whilst the top bit does not, giving the illusion of water moving in a fish bowl as you walk.  I love the turquoise print of the Things covering both shoes, they give a stunning contrast to the raised detail of the cat on the front of one shoe and his arm holding the fish in the teapot on the other.  Can we take a moment to worship those whiskers!! Each shoe has embroidery detail to with the “Look at me NOW!” quote on one shoe and The Cat In The Hat written beautiful red and gold on the other.  The fluffy squirrely tail is the final perfect detail.

The heels are pretty solid and chunky too, giving a very sturdy shoe that’s not very weighty.  I originally thought they were going to be more like Nora Jean or the Christmas puddings but they’re actually quite a bit bigger, going beyond the back of the shoe. At 6cm high, they’re in the lower heel height range of character heels.  A similar height to Ban Joes and very easy to walk in.  I could run for the train in these easy peasy. Size wise I have my usual size and find them a little generous and a little wide.  Not enough to size down though.  Once I popped some insoles in them they were perfect.  I certainly wouldn’t advise sizing up.

Like with The Cat In The Hat boots, the fabric is very easy to clean.  They got quite a bit of mud on them during my photo shoot but it all just wiped off in time for the detailed photos.  My worries about the amount of white on the shoe were therefore unfounded.  I put these shoes (and my husband) though quite a bit to get the shot I wanted and they fared really well.

The shoes have an rrp of £179 and there’s two pairs left on Shoe Emporium Mansfield in sizes 38 and 40.  They’re completely sold out on the official website so I don’t think these are going to hang around.  There’s also free delivery at Shoe Emporium Mansfield if you need any further tempting along with Klarna and Clear Pay options.

In summary, I do love the shoes.  I was worried they may be a bit of a novelty Carlos K. Krinklebine shoe being so specific to one theme but I think the colour combinations make them pretty stunning even if you’re not massively into Dr Seuss.  The heels are a great concept and I think they’re going to look stunning when the suns out to shine through that beautiful fish bowl heel.  They fit right in on the shoe shelf

I hope you enjoyed this little review.  Until next time, Sarah x

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