Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat

This is a paid ad for Shoe Emporium Mansfield (but hopefully you won’t notice any difference to my normal blog).  A video review will follow very shortly. 

I have to admit that when I first found out that there was going to be an Irregular Choice collaboration with Dr Seuss I was so excited for about five seconds, then I found out the collection was the Cat In A Hat.  Not the Grinch.  Like seriously? My love of the fuzzy green guy and his reindeer dog sidekick runs very deep.  I was literally walking around for days muttering how much I hate cats (sorry cat lovers but we’ve seriously had so many cats this year).

I think I resisted loving The Cat In A Hat boots for a little while.  They’re my go to colour to wear and my favourite style (cos they make your legs look long) and I should have known that they were going to be a grower (once I got over them not being green and Grinch like).  Every time I saw the stock photos online I liked them a little bit more so by the actual launch it was almost complete love.  When I saw real life photos I was a complete goner (I honestly don’t know what I was moaning about).  I was so excited to take them out of the box today and they didn’t disappoint.

We first need to talk about the heel.  Hat heels are now a thing and I love that both heels are different.  The shoe that balances on the hat edge is pure genius.  I said this about the design during my prelaunch guide and it certainly didn’t disappoint in real life.  The illustrations, that look like they came straight out of the story book, are different too, showing a before and after of the balancing act catastrophe (cat astrophe, I did that without trying).  It’s like your feet and legs are immersed in the story and you’re right there with the cat, fish, Sally and no name boy watching the world come tumbling down. How lucky that bossy fish finds a teapot to land in just in time (more on the fish in my next review because he has his own heel too).

For those not familiar with Dr Seuss I’m not talking gibberish.  Well I am, but that’s kinda the whole point.  The Cat In A Hat is a children’s book best known for it’s rhyming and beautiful illustrations which feature all over this Irregular Choice collection.  It was written in the US in 1957 as a more entertaining way to deal with early childhood literacy.  More than 10 million copies of the book have been published in 12 different languages and it was also turned into a film starring Mike Myers in 2003.  It’s well worth a read if you haven’t already, no matter how old you are.

In terms of sizing, the closest I have to compare are the Lapin boots, both in shoe height of 10cm and width around the leg.  Lapin are a little more generous that the Cat’s 40cm but whilst Lapin are pretty rigid The Cat In The Hat feel like they have a little bit of stretch in them.  I size down in all boots as my heels are very narrow, I’d rather the shoes being a little tight then my feet constantly sliding out.  The Cats are a little pinch but on one spot but otherwise fine so they are true to size mostly with a possible potential to size down if you’re on the lower end of the size.

The shoes retail at £249 and are available in sizes 36 to 43.  Shoe Emporium Mansfield have one size 40 and a size 41 left as I type.   There’s also free delivery with Klarna and Clear Pay options.

 I think they’re my new rainy day shoe.  I was a bit worried about all the white but mine got covered in mud and it all just wiped off.  The detailed photos in this review is after I cleaned them.  The base of each heel is pretty solid so I’d have no worries wearing them in slippy weather.  Or any weather.  Or just any time.  Or just all the time (I’m not going to rhyme).  Isn’t funny how you can go from meh to favourite pair in such a short space of time? Or is that just a me thing?

So there you have it, a quick look at The Cat In A Hat boots for Shoe Emporium.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing and the video review will be complete very soon.

Love Sarah x

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