Down the Rabbit Hole

I literally squeaked when I saw this next collection as Im a massive Alice In Wonderland fan and am so happy that Erstwilder have done this collection with the designer who actually did my favourite ever Erstwilder piece: Chilling Chase who was of course imagined by Kitschy Witch designer Stephanie Buscema. So, what’s in store for us on this new adventure? There are 14 core resin brooches, 2 double brooches, 2 dangle earrings, 2 studs earrings, 1 necklace and finally 11 Enamel pins. The core range as usual comes packaged in the newly designed boxes which are fuchsia pink and purple with images of Alice going down the rabbit hole- Im literally in love with these boxes 💕 (Picture below) Lets go down the Rabbit Hole to see what’s in store;

What the doormouse Said Brooch

Twinkle twinkle, little bat, how I wonder where you’re at? Up above the world you fly, like a tea tray in the sky!

Im loving this representation of the Doormouse sitting in his teapot. Muse himself is gorgeous ripple resin in lavender with handprinted details to his ears and face. He sits in a quirky shaped blue, pink, white and black teapot which uses ripple, pearl and glitter resins to really make the colours pop on this one. Again finished with handprinted gold and silver details on the side of the pot. Anyone for a cup of tea?

Measures up at 66mm by 70mm and is £24.95

The White Rabbit Announces Brooch

Im late, Im late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye, Im late, Im late, Im late!

This rabbit is on a mission! He must let everyone know the Queen is coming….. This is what I would class as the most ‘Disney’ of the collection, the rabbit is made up of white resin with hand painted facial features and a cute Pink glitter ear. His tunic is pink and pale gold shimmer and glitter resin and it really does look like it’s moving. I can see this guy being a favourite…….

Measures up at 65mm by 64mm and is £24.95

The March Hare Brooch

Have some wine……… but make sure your invited first!

Made up of chocolate coloured plain resin, our hare has pops of colour and sparkle with his beautiful pink ear, yellow hat and waistcoat and is if that wasn’t enough he has a gorgeous yellow and red bow around his neck. Of course he is carrying a teapot to offer tea- I could just drink a cuppa if you don’t mind Hare?

Measures up at 69mm by 45 mm and is £24.95

The Cheshire Cat Brooch

“But I dont want to go among mad people….

Oh you can’t help that, we’re all mad here!”

This cat is much more cat coloured than the vivid pink one we are used to seeing in most Alice collaborations and Im quite pleased about that as his colours are stunning, with glitter burnt orange resin for his ears, collar and face markings, the plain yellow contrasts beautifully. His eyes are made up of white resin with inserts of lime green glitter resin that looks just like cats eyes! Im loving the pink glitter nose too 💕

Measures up at 65mm by 63mm and is £24.95

Queen of Hearts Brooch

“Off with her head!” …………..Only kidding! You wouldn’t want to enrage this monarch as you may leave with quite a headache……

The Queen of hearts looks almost normal in this piece, certainly not someone to be frightened of anyway. Her face is nude resin with handprinted details as does her hair (but brunette) Some glitz is added with a shimmer crown in gold and her headdress, which has red harts on is a lovely pearl resin. The queen is wearing a dress of red glitter resin.

Measures up at 65mm by 47mm and is £24.95

Painted Rose Brooch and Mini Brooch

Alice mused: Why are you painting the roses red? We put in a white rose by accident and don’t want to loose our heads!

A beautiful representation of the roses in Wonderland, these are blood red glitter with white handprinted rims. The three leaves are also glitter resin with hand painted ‘veins’ in the leaves. Fab brooch to pair with others from the collection I think.

Measures up at: Regular, 53mm by 61mm and is £24.95, Mini is 40mm by 46mm and is £18.95

Mat Hatters Tea Party Double Brooch

Is it being sentenced to a lifetime being stuck at tea or the mercury in his top hat that has made this fellow ever so slightly mad?

Either way, this cute pairing is wonderful fun. Conprising two separate pins, one is the hatters hat which is lime green and yellow glitter resin with a ribbon around it in black and blue spots, of course it wouldn’t be right if the price tag wasn’t there, so Im pleased this detail is included. The smaller brooch is a pink and yellow teacup and saucer with gold hand painted details- Perfect for pairings.

Measures up at 44mm by 47mm and 28mm by 40mm and is £29.95

Knave of Hearts Brooch

The Knave of Hearts stole those tarts, and took them quite away!

He may have stolen the tarts but hey? with a cute smile like that, we probably forgive him right?

Made up in glossy white resin and a hand painted face, this piece has separate inserts of bright red glitter resin making up the central heart as well as around the face, his cute little feet-(do cards have feet?) are jet black resin.

Measures up at 58mm by 53mm and is £24.95

Follow the White Rabbit Brooch

Why does Alice follow the White Rabbit? Because she’s curious of course- have you ever seen a rabbit wearing clothes and talking?

You may find that people follow you too if you have this brooch- to ask where you got it from!

Featuring our eternally late friend sitting inside a teacup, Mr rabbit is plain white resin with hand painted facial details, his cup is a mixture of blue, lime green and white ripple and glitter resins with gold shimmer card symbols along the bottom

Measures up at 61mm by 45mm and is £24.95

Drink Me Brooch

As I mentioned before, I certainly don’t need to shrink so I may steer clear of this little potion bottle.

Made up from White, Blue and purple shimmer resins this little draught has a subtle pearl effect about it. Of course the iconic words ‘Drink Me’ are on the label in white hand painted detail.

Measures up at 54mm by 38mm and is £24.95

Always Tea Time, Alice Brooch

Its 6 o’ clock and therefore time for tea, unfortunately, it’s always tea time in Wonderland due to the mad hatters sentence for murdering time.

In this piece Alice is peeking over the rim of a pink shimmer resin cup which has accents of vibrant pink glitter resin on the rim, base and handle. Alice herself is made of nude resin with hand painted facial details and she has golden shimmer resin hair.

Measures up at 59mm by 44m and is £24.95

Alice Down The Rabbit Hole Brooch

Alice has fallen down the Rabbit hole- Just look at those bloomers!

There is so much detail in this piece, Alices dress is pale shimmer resin and her pinafore is plain white with hand painted pocket and collar and buttons, the part I love the most is her bloomers and legs. The stockings are actually individual pieces of white shimmer and red glitter stripes with little black ribbons to tie the bottom of the bloomers.

Measures up at 70mm by 61mm and is priced at £24.95

Advice From A Caterpillar Double Brooch

I wouldn’t mind spending some time having a chat with this cute guy- Im not sure his advice is up to scratch- I suppose it depends who you ask???

Our caterpillar is lime green resin with red accents in his hat and waistcoat which has a pale blue tie around it. The Smoking pipe is the same shade of green but in glitter resin with jet black accents. The thing I love about this piece is that, although its sold as a double brooch, it can actually be used as cardigan clips too as it comes with a detachable chain. This piece looks wonderful on a collar.

Measures up at 58mm by 57mm and 47mm by 29mm and is priced £29.95

A Curiouser & Curiouser Alice Brooch

Alice looks like her head is well and truly spinning in this piece, she’s sure been on a wild trip in Wonderland, Im not sure what’s she’s eaten, maybe it was the mushrooms?

The two main resins in this piece are yellow shimmer (hair) and plain nude (face), these are complimented by glitter resins at the bow and Alices cheeks and collar.

Measures up at 65mm by 40mm and is priced at £24.95

Eat Me Mini Brooch

So as a mere 5 foot 4 I wouldn’t mind an eat me cookie (although I can generally reach doorkeys)

This piece is tulip shaped with a lime green outer resin layer which encases a gorgeous vibrant pink glitter resin which has gold stars hand painted on. Across the middle a white pearl shimmer resin with the famous ‘Eat Me’ quote. This is perfect for pairing the with drink me brooch- Im actually surprised Erstwilder didn’t do them as a set to be honest.

Measures up at 35mm by 34mm and is priced at £18.95

The Golden Key Earrings

These little keys will look just as fab in your ears as they did on the little glass table where Alice found it to open the tiny door to the garden.

Made of gold coloured marble resin with a red and white shimmer bow tied around them, these keys are quite simple in design and I do think more could have been made of them if Im honest, however they are a nice simple piece and there is a matching necklace which is always nice to have, plus you can build the Alice story with these pieces.

Measures up at 48mm by 26mm (per earring) and are priced at £21.95

Knave Of Heart Earrings

A smaller version of the brooch but with the notable addition of a heart shaped stud part. Like all Erstwilder earrings, these are quite light.

Measures up at 53mm by37mm (per earring) and is priced £21.95

The Cheshire Cat Earrings

An exact replica of the Cheshire Cat brooch, these cute stud earrings are a must for any Alice fan in my opinion.

Measure up at 16mm by 16mm (per earring) and are £18.95

Painted Rose Earrings

A similar design to the brooches, but with one difference- these only have one leaf instead of three. Again great little studs to match many of the pieces from the collection but don’t instantly scream Alice in Wonderland so could be worn just as floral earrings.

Measure up at 14mm by 23mm (per earring) and are £18.95

The Golden Key Necklace

The only necklace in the collection and I have to say Im a wee bit disappointed by it- I feel the key could have been so much more intricate and would benefit from some handprinted details. I also think it is too long and would have looked better horizontal at this size.

The piece is gold coloured marble resin with a red a white shimmer bow tied around it.

Measures up at 90mm by 48mm and is priced at £26.95

Enamel Pins

There are 11 enamel pins to choose from this time, as usual they come on Erstwilder branded card and have rubber backs. They are all £8 each.

As always, I really hope you’ve found my blog helpful and I hope you get all you want,

Love Nic Xx

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