Down Memory Lane

Come walk with me down memory lane and lets see if we can spark some past times joy…. This is the third mini collection of this year from the lovely folk at Erstwilder and features five recoloured fan favourites from 2018 collection ‘Down Memory Lane’ This little collection sparks so much nostalgia and memories of times of such innocence and much easier times in our lives that I can’t help but smile when I look at them. There are five designs this time and they are all mini size which are great for grouping together and and also with other full size brooches. I also think that the mini size is quite nice if your new to brooching or wanting to build confidence around wearing these little pieces of wearable art. Lets have a look at what’s on offer;

Charley Chimp Mini Brooch

Our favourite primate musician Charley returns in some new colours. This cute little guy is happily banging his cymbals together playing us a jolly tune. Charley is made out of brown ripple resin giving him some depth and this time round has a red waistcoat and black trousers. Of course, no cymbal paying monkey would be complete without an hat and so Charley has a red and yellow one to finish off his look. Measures in at 52 x 30mm and is £19.95

Nuts and Bolts Mini Brooch

Can you do the robot?? This little fella sure can, and he also has a whole lot of heart too. I can imagine bleep, bleep bleepity bleeps coming from him too as he goes on his way computing just how cute he actually is. With the exception of the actual shape the colouring on our metal friend is completely different this time round. He is now more ‘metal’ in a beautiful grey ripple resin with accents of vibrant red representing his heart, fuel gauge and bolts on each side of his head. He still has the bright yellow light bulb from the original release, and this time his eyes match. Measures up at 54mm by 26mm and is priced at £19.95

Wind-Up Whimsy Mini Brooch

Now, Im not saying my husband is old but I can’t remember ever having one of these but he can! Apparently his sang and others pecked at the floor- how cool! I can imagine the delight on a Childs face as a piece of metal had a key inserted, wound up and as if by magic it came alive! The new colours for this year are much more natural than the original, being shades of cream, grey orange and yellow ripple resins. I do wish they had left the key in glitter resin though as it just gave the design a pop of sparkle. Measures 47mm by 50mm and is priced at £19.95

Rocking Reminiscence Mini Brooch

Whoa! Steady on there Neddy! This stead just wants to rock- and why not when you look this good doing it. Again our rocking friend has been recoloured, this time in an all over pretty pearl resin with a black tail and mane. I actually prefer this colouring but again wish the glitter had been incorporated in either the tracks or horses tail like the original. I do however think the 2021 version is much less childlike so if you prefer your brooches a bit more grown up then this is for you. Measures in at 45mm by 46mm and is price at £19.95

Raggedy Annie Mini Brooch

She was one of your best friends as a child growing up and a constant at every single tea party you held (particularly if there was cake!) She was very often a little tatty from all the adventures you went on but you loved that doll more than any other toy in the box. This years colour way is so pretty with gorgeous pearl resin in a soft blue dress and hair bow. I actually much prefer this one as she has more depth. Now, where is that doll………its time for tea! Measures up at 55mm by 26mm and is priced at £19.95

This feels such a short blog as Im used to launches of late which are just huge! I have loved reviewing this little collection as it really has made me think of my childhood and Im lucky mine was such a happy time.

As always, I hope you manage to get what you want and that my blog has helped,

Love Nicola Xx

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