Cute and Spooky

I know some of you Erstwildians will breathe a sigh of relief at this ‘proper’ halloween collection given the mixed reaction to the Hello-ween Kitty collection that launched a couple of weeks ago. I have to say, as cute as the halloween kitties were, I was craving some more spooky designs from over the pond. This new collection is exactly what it says on the tin: Cute and Spooky! When I first saw the title I thought; oh no, more cute things made to look halloween like but no, its actually two separate things entirely! Its designed by a new to Erstwilder designer Mimsy Gleeson who is a Brisbane based tattoo artist known for her cartoon like designs and I can see from looking at her social media she is perfectionist at what she does. There is a total of twenty six collectable designs of which twenty one are brooches, three are necklaces and finally two are earrings. Along side this are ten enamel pins and an eye watering amount of essential earrings (I think it was something like 36!) We are only stocking just over half as some of them are repeat designs. What I love, love love about his collection is that it has something for everyone, even if you dont like Halloween, Im also freaking out about the glow in the dark pieces as it just screams halloween for me! Lets get on and have a look:

Baron Von Bat Necklace

I HAD to start with this one as it is my absolute favourite piece from the collection (those who don’t know me, I ADORE bats) and to add to the absolute fabulousness of this necklace he is a vampire bat! Baron is a pale purple resin with little pale pink ears and handprinted stripes on his wings and ears. His fangs and eyes are separate pieces of resin which adds lovely detail, this is all finished off with teal coloured stars dangling from his wing tips and a moon from his body. I love these details as they give him movement.

Baron measures up at 87mm by 169mm and is priced at £42.95

Fruit Bat Attack Brooch

Be still my beating heart 🖤They’ve only gone and made a brooch to match! Baron is also available as a brooch for those who don’t wear necklaces. This guy doesn’t have the stars and moon embellishments but instead is having himself a little snack of a juicy mango which is held in his cute little hands (bats do have hands by the way! four fingers and a thumb just like us) speaking of which, he even has his thumb represented here on the curve on his wings, there is a little spike. The resin on this piece is exactly the same as Baron Von Bat but his mango is gorgeous glitter resin in peach, and the stalk is deep red.

Measures up at 62mm by 62mm and is priced at £24.95

Piper and Pal Necklace

One of the cute in cute and spooky, these two love birds are not at all frightening! They are so cute though and I just love anything with love birds. This necklace is on the smaller side for Erstwilder creations and so may suit people who don’t like big necklaces. These two love birds are the most stunning blue/green ripple resin with handprinted details on their wings and around the eyes which are separate resin pieces. The pale Purple Heart between them is held in pale gold beaks. As usual, presented on an extendable chain so can be worn at different lengths.

Measures up at 49mm by 121mm and is £38.95

Piper the Love Bird Brooch

The lovely folk at Erstwilder and Mimsy have also provided us with a matching Piper brooch to go with the necklace. I’ve decided in my whimsical brain that this is Piper on his way to meet his love, as he is already carrying the heart in his beak ready to present to her when he arrives 💕 Im such a romantic! Again Piper is made of stunning blue/green ripple resin with handpainted details on his Wings and around his eyes- what a handsome fellow.

Measures up at 48mm by 68mm and is priced at £24.95

Key to your Heart Necklace

The last of the three necklace designs but by no means the least. This cute heart shaped lock is framed by flowers and topped with a bow. For me this design has an almost steampunk look to it whilst still retaining a cute and whimsical look. It is double and in places triple layered resin to give the lock depth and is primarily ripple resin with the exception of the yellow heart and the peach locking mechanism. There are handpainted details on the flowers, bow and around the edge of the heart as well as inside the keyhole. The main body of the heart is hard to describe as it looks different in different light but is a pink/purple pearl like effect which I hope is used again in further releases as its beautiful.

Measures up at 91mm by 96mm and is priced at £38.95

Key to your Heart Brooch

Again one for the collectors who love matchy matchy or for those who dont like necklaces. This little brooch has so much detail it’s insane. It’s based around the same design as the necklace but has the additional feature of the key to the lock going through the design. Again double to triple layered resin gives depth to the lock and key with a cute little heart shape on the end of the key- maybe we all just need a little more love in our lives to open up new doors.

Measures up at 66mm by 74mm and is priced at £27.95

Owl eyes on you brooch

Im not quite sure if this fella is cute or spooky as for me he could be both? One thing I am sure of is, he is adorable and is almost certainly a wise owl. Sitting on a branch of pale lilac resin this triple and in places quadruple layered piece has the most stunning resin making up the body of the owl, it’s browns and blacks on the outer part with handpainted black details on the wings and tail but the inner part is so different on each of the pieces we have in store its sure to mean each is ever so slightly different and therefore unique. Mr owls eyes are separate pieces of resin and his nose is handpainted.

Measures up at 65mm by 57 mm and is priced at £24.95

I-Scream brooch

The first of the glow in the dark pieces and I think the name of this is just genius! Would you like an ice cream with a cherry on top? Well only if you scream!!!!!!

The ice cream has been possessed and features a set of black eyes staring out of the creamy treat- do you dare eat it? The cone of the ice cream is plain brown resin at the bottom with handpainted black lines to represent the wafer and the next section is the same ripple resin as in the owl brooch above. The ice cream is made of pearl ripple resin with the sauce being the part that glows in the dark. All of this is of course topped off with a red resin cherry on top!

Measures in at 69mm by 33mm and is priced at £24.95

Fright of the butterfly brooch

There is isn’t anything frightening about this beauty and it brings out the girlie goth in me a treat! (see what I did there )😉 This pretty little butterfly has a combination of plain pink, lilac, green and blue resins all surrounded by pitch black glitter resin that sparkles so nicely in the light. This lepidoptera even has a heart on her body so Im sure she isn’t too scary – promise!

Measures up at 51mm by 52mm and is priced at £27.95

With a scary on top brooch

How cute is this little cupcake? This piece brings together cute and scary for me- she’s obviously a cake possessed! Ive seen this brooch a few times but its only now when Im looking at it that Ive noticed the frosting part is actually a ghost! She’s a very happy looking ghost mind you with her big smile and long eyelashes. the paper case part of this piece is lilac and the ghost frosting is pearl ripple resin with hand painted eyes and bats swirling around. Our fiendish cupcake is topped off with a red cherry and hair bow- so cute I could almost eat her!

Measures up at 61mm by 41mm and is priced at £24.95

Roses are red brooch

Im still on the fence with this one….. As much as I love it, I would have preferred to see it on valentines! None the less, its beautiful! Red love heart shaped pieces of plain resin make up a rose with white pearl resin framing a pale pink heart in the centre of the flower. All surrounded by mid and dark green resin leaves with hand painted detailing. Overall a really nice floral brooch, just not what I expect at halloween?!

Measures up at 49mm by 63mm and priced at £24.95

Home Sweet Haunt brooch

I literally squealed when I saw this brooch as for me it has everything I could want from a halloween piece. Haunted house ✅ Moon ✅ Bats ✅Inside a snow globe ✅ glows in the dark ✅✅✅!

I can honestly see this flying out so don’t dilly dally with this one. The haunted house is an additional layer of resin making it look more 3d inside the snow globe, the night sky is a beautiful purple resin with dimples which look like water bubbles in the globe, there are hand painted bats swirling in the sky and the moon is a seperate piece of yellow resin giving the design intricacy. The globe base is amber brown with black hand painted details that look like a spiders web. The outer rim which in the day light is glitter resin is what glows in the dark on this design along with the grass in front of the house. Honestly there is so much detail in this brooch I could go on and on until after halloween but I have others to write about so will shut up……. for now!

Measures up at 61mm by 51mm and is priced at £27.95

Eternal Kiss brooch

Love at first bite? Im not sure you’d want to puker up to these lips….. unless of course you want eternal life 🧛‍♂️

These lips of death are the same beautiful purple resin as Baron Von bat and I love that they’re not red as it sort of reminds me of pale living dead lips – I know my mind is weird! The fangs are also a solid colour resin, this time white. The only other detail is the spots on the lips which are separate white pieces of resin and the black hand painted line on the lower lip. I like the simplicity of this brooch as the subject matter screams halloween without any fancy tricks.

Measures up at 42mm by 56mm and is priced at £22.95

Cauldron chitter chatter brooch

This is the complete opposite of the last piece with plain, glitter and ripple resin all featuring in this design. The cauldron is jet black glitter resin which looks amazing in the light, underneath that is the fire which is made up of orange and yellow plain resin licking up the sides of the pot, but what is cooking? Maybe some blackbirds or even a naughty child?!?! whatever it is the ‘smoke’ coming out is a stunning purple/pink ripple resin with flecks that catch the light beautifully- add to that the hand painted gold star bursts and bubbles, this piece pops! Bring out your inner witch and put a spell on your enemies!

Measures in at 68mm by 39mm and is priced at £24.95

Panther Enchanter brooch

What an enchanting fellow this is- just be careful though he may just bite! This piece is made up primarily of jet black glitter resin which glistens in the light and if it weren’t for his big lilac bow and heart shaped nose I would think this beast is straight from hell but no, I think he’s just misunderstood! His paws are finished off with cute pink claws too 💕

Measures up at 69mm by 38mm and is priced at £24.95

Meow you see me brooch

Cute kitties and pumpkins- what’s not to love? This quadruple layer piece is made up of two characters; Kitty is plain pale purple resin with hand painted whiskers, eyelashes and ears with separate resin pieces for the eyes. The pumpkin is lilac shimmer resin with cut outs for the eyes and mouth- inside the cut outs is where the layers of resin come into play, with one being black and one being white, it makes it look like you can see all the way inside the pumpkin. I like the fact that this design uses alternative colours rather than the cat being black and the pumpkin being orange, it makes this piece wearable beyond halloween.

Measures in at 49mm by 60mm and is priced at £24.95

La Lune brooch

I love the whimsical nature of this piece, the moon is high up in the sky surveying all the halloween antics below. The moon itself is gorgeous pearl white shimmer resin with hand painted details. It’s framed by a lilac and blue daisies with light and mid green leaves and will become a year round favourite for sure!

Measures up at 56mm by 50mm and is priced at £24.95

Cherry kiss brooch

Another from this collection that could be used all year round. I think this one would look great teamed with the fruit bat attack and it also has matching earrings available. One of the cherries is plain red and the other is speckled with black shimmer, both have hand painted spots on the fruit to represent a shine. The stalk is translucent green and the leaf is ripple resin with black hand painted detail to show the vein on the leaf. This piece will look great with so many 50s style dresses it really will become a popular piece.

Measures in at 55mm by 50mm and is priced at £24.95

Cherry kiss earrings

Exact replicas of the brooch, these earrings are going to be so versatile, you will be wondering exactly what is halloween about them!

Measures up at 34mm by 31mm per earring, they’re priced at £24.95

Dreaded draught brooch

This piece is very halloween, but in pastels! This lethal bottle of poison has a pearl shimmer resin skull and crossbones on the front just in case you think its something better (like gin-yummy) The bottle itself is mint green (which incidentally is glow in the dark) with the liquid inside and the bow in lilac. It’s all sealed in with a pale brown cork which has hand painted details. You better not mix it up!

Measures up at 67mm by 30mm and is priced at £24.95

Pump-kin up the Jams brooch

Well it wouldn’t be halloween without a pumpkin now would it? This sweet little offering is nice in that its not your ‘normal’ orange pumpkin but a rather more rare and special white pumpkin. The main body of resin on this piece is a stunning ripple resin which casts different colours back in differing light situations. Like the pumpkin faces in the other brooches in this collection, this one has extra depth added to the eye cut outs with the use of a pop of lilac and an additional layer of resin. Its finished off with hand painted lines along the pumpkin to represent the grooves in this fruit- yes a pumpkin is actually a fruit!

Measures in at 48mm by 50mm and is priced at £24.95

Lunar Elipses brooch

Another glow in the dark piece and again one that can be used for more than halloween. This spell book (I decided it was a spell book as I could see a coven of witches standing around this countering up a storm) is one of the smaller brooches but a lovely size for pairing. The glow in the dark parts are the stars and moon while the spine of the book is jet black glitter to ensure this little book packs a punch in the sunlight too!

Measures up at 57mm by 40 mm and is priced at £22.95

Kitty Corn brooch

Is is a corn or is it a carrot? We can’t decide at Shoe Emporium although the fact it has corn in the title has got to have some weight right???? Anyway, this sweet little brooch is an all year round design that again like the previous brooch can be grouped together nicely due to being on the smaller side. The eyes are separate pieces of resin and the whiskers and nose are hand painted.

Measures up at 45mm by 32mm and is priced at £19.95

Decay Bouquet brooch

A whole bunch of bones just looking right back at you! But they brought flowers too? I love the alternate, slightly dark design of this piece as so many of the others are more cute. The skull is pearl white resin with lavender eye sockets, all topped off with a big bloom on the top of the skeleton that looks like a hair bow or some sort of hat! I love that fresh flowers are surrounding death …….

Measures up at 59mm by 46mm and is priced at £24.95

Blue Blooms earrings

These sweet little floral earring would look just fabulous with Eternal kiss but also Baron Von Bat, as well as about a million other past releases I can think of. That makes for a super versatile pair of drop earrings which are the prettiest pale purple ever. They’re framed by green leaves and have hand painted details to pick out the leaves and have a cute little heart shaped middle.

Each earring measures up at 30 mm by 26 mm and are priced at £22.95

Enamel pins

There are ten enamel pins in this collection, all of which come on Erstwilder backed card with rubber pin backs. They’re all priced at £8

Panther Enchanter measures 40mm by 22mm, Fright of the Butterfly measures 31mm by 32mm, Fruit bat attack measures 31mm by 31mm, Lock and Key measures 30mm by 33mm, Kitty Corn measures 27mm by 19mm, Home Sweet Haunt measures 35mm by 30mm, Piper the Love Bird measures 28mm by 40mm, Owl Eyes on You measures 34mm by 30mm, Roses are Red measures 23mm by30mm and With A Scary On Top measures 31mm by 21mm.

Essential Earrings

This time we have stocked just over half of the essential earring range, the reason being some were repeats of earrings already sold and there are 38 different styles! We have narrowed it down to a still rather princely figure of 19 different styles centred around Pumkins and cats (Typical Halloween fayre) with a couple of glow in the dark versions too! There are studs and drops available, all are priced at £5.50 and all come on Erstwilder backed card.

As usual I hope you have enjoyed this blog and that its been helpful to you pre launch. As always, I hope you get what you want and have a very Happy Halloween!

Love Nic Xx

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