Christmas Collection

So, Santa heels are back!! First released in 2013, we’ve had four (I think?) different releases of the happy jolly man holding up our shoes and he is back again for 2020!!  Read all about him below as well as some of the other treats Irregular Choice have in store for your feet this Christmas.

No dashing through the snow

No one horse open sleighs

It’s staying home we go

Wearing Sleigh Ride in our PJs

Sleigh Ride

Santa has gone high tech, this time the shoes lights up.  The boots use the same fibre optic technology as Rock It and Ms Lady from recent collections were the whole fabric creates a lighting effect.  Certainly, on Rock It, it has a massive impact as the whole shoe is alight, but it does increase the cost of the shoes. It looks like they change colours too and they are chargeable so you don’t have to worry about the lights dying in a few years. 

The shoes feature Santa and the reindeers against a skyline similar to the New York heels and some can be moved up and down the boot to create different looks. The star on the front moves too. There’s also a glittery snow around the toes, embroidery snowflakes and presents all sitting below Christmas Trees complete with a bow.  These are very much a detail shoe.   With zips on the back instead of the side there’s a lot less potential for sizing up or down, just something to be aware of.

Sizing – They are slightly on the roomy side but not enough to size up.

RRP £279 Heel height 11cm which includes a 1cm platform in sizes 36 to 43

Advent Adventures

Not bought your advent calendar yet?  Fear not, we have the perfect one for you… and your feet?!?!  These delightful knee-high boots have 24 doors on them for you to explore.  I’m seriously not kidding and you might find some familiar images behind them as you open them up on the countdown to Christmas.  The red and gold colour scheme compliments the Santa heel perfectly, with the outer side red glitter and the other two tone red and gold sequins.  We finish with a gold bow and toe and white fur trim.  The most perfect Santa boot and a whole lot of fun to go along with it.

Sizing – True to size but if you’re between sizes then you might be better sizing up rather than down.

RRP £229 Heel height 11cm which includes a 1cm platform sizes 36 to 43


Our next shoes don’t have a Santa heel but they do play music.  Remember Ectoplasmic from October’s Halloween collection? This is the Christmas version featuring the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Nutcracker friend resting upon the ankle straps.  You’re going to want sound on for every video of these.  The colour scheme is much more pastel than the usual Christmas colours with pinks, purples, aqua blue and a little bit candy cane red and white thrown in.   The toes feature a dripping of ice cream covered in chocolates and sprinkles over a purple and pink candy pattern but the blue stars are my favourite (that colour is divine).  The sides give us sweet towers of ice cream and cake with a glittery blue background and all these sweet tooth delights are held up with a white glitter heel.  These and Advent Adventure are my favourite in this year’s collection along with the matching bag below.

Sizing – True to size but if you’re between sizes then you might be better sizing up rather than down.

RRP £159 Heel height 9cm sizes 36 to 43

Nutcracker Dreams

This bag is deigned to match the Nutcracker shoes above and its style is what I call the house bag.  It’s been a beach Hut, we’ve seen it for the gingerbread themed House Party, Sushi Dreams, the Happily Ever After dwarfs house for the Snow White collection.  It’s one of my favourite designs and it fits a lot in but it does have quite a small opening. It does so well as a house that I think it’s the perfect choice for the Nutcracker palace. On the front we have the same chocolate, sprinkles, cake ice cream and glitter we’ve seen on the shoe along with our beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy and her Nutcracker soldier standing either side of the door.  I can just here the music now (I could literally hear it if I had the shoes).

RRP £149

Xmas Lunch

Still on a food theme but this time we have a flat shoe Christmas dinner situation.  If you’re familiar with last year’s collection then you may be thinking you’ve seen this design before as the shoes match the Dinner Is Served bag from 2019.  The Gingerbread Man, ham, pie and veg are all back, on the side of the shoe, whilst the Christmas Pudding takes centre stage on the front with its sparkly holly and bead berries.  We also have the same tartan fabric as a background to the scene.  They’re the same shoe base as all of the round toes Disney shoes, such as Seaside Cutie, Her Moi Ness, Keep Em Together.  Warning, these shoes may make you so hungry that you have to eat two snickers in a row.  Or so I’m told, honest, it wasn’t me.  Telling you for a friend.

Sizing – Slightly roomy but true to size

RRP £109 sizes 36 to 43

We all want some Christmas Cookies

We all want some Christmas Cookies

We all want some Christmas Cookies

On our shoes and bag

Cookies For Santa

Good job I, I mean my friend, had a snack as yet again we have more food.  Christmas cookies this time on a mid heel.  The pink glitter shoes have a somewhat of an Oktoberfest feel with gingerbread hearts surrounded by red and white gingham. Each heart contains embroidery icing to write out ‘Xmas Joy’ and are surround by red, green and pink circles and hearts.  The sides of the shoe have more cookie stars and trees on that beautiful pink glitter background with gingham again back on the heel.  The base is the Kanjanka shoe, with a similar heel height to Ban Joes of 7.2cm.  There is a matching crossbody bag too below.

Sizing – True to size, very similar fit to Ban Joes

RRP £109 Heel height 7.2cm sizes 36 to 43

Milk And Cookies Crossbody

Our old pouch favourite has had a Christmas makeover, with beautiful pink glitter and red and white ginham to make it a perfect match with Cookies For Santa above.  Again, ‘Xmas Joy’ is written across a big gingerbread heart with white glitter icing that looks so delicious (it would not survive long in my house if it was real).  It’s surrounded by a wonderful Christmassy gingham border and sits next to cookies of a Christmas Tree and stars.  We also have two gold stars on either side of the zip too with strap clips just below for the shoulder strap that comes with it.  It’s going to look so delicious with the matching shoes.

RRP £59.99

I’m seriously so hungry now, the 2020 Christmas collection is certainly good enough to eat that’s for sure.  I hope you enjoyed this quick look at what has been launched today.  There are a few other styles available too.  Shoe Emporium are offering free delivery for the collection (Over £100 outside of the UK) and Klarna and Clear Pay options are available.

All the best of season greetings to you and your feet.

Love Sarah, Chamina & the team at Shoe Emporium x

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