Kooky for the Kookaburra

The next collection comes from a brand new (to Erstwilder) artist. Jocelyn Proust is an iconic Australian talent who is best known for her striking abstract prints and use of bold colour. Jocelyn has set about creating a range of necklaces, brooches, earrings and gorgeous scarves by drawing inspiration from observing, photographing and drawing birds […]

Well, Hello there Kitty!

As I write this, I’m like a little girl bobbing around in a sweetie shop- The brand new Erstwilder x Hello Kitty collection has landed in store and I LOVE it!   The collection consists of seven brooches, two sets of dangly earrings, seven enamel pins with one additional set of accessory pins, one necklace, five neck scarves, four head scarves and one set of cardigan clips so there is […]