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OK Erstwilder- just shut up and take my money! Im kinda feeling like I should just set up a direct debit to them on a monthly basis as they sure are smashing the fabulous new collections recently. Ive literally loved every collection and just HAD to have a couple of pieces each time. This next bumper collection is no different and for me Personally,I am really happy to have Carebears part 2 as I missed out on so many from the original release due to the limited numbers that were available at the time. As I was growing up Carebears were everywhere and were one of my favourite toys ever- But what is their history and where did they come from? Well, here is your history lesson! Carebears were originally painted in 1981 by artist Elena Kucharik to be used on American greetings cards which two years later were turned into plush bears.This kickstarted the worlds love affair with the furry friends. Nine films, and TV series spanning almost 25 years, the original ten colourful bears now have an extended family with a cast of Care bear cousins and are still very much adored the world over. This collection consists of three necklaces, twelve brooches, three cardigan clips, three earrings, six enamel pins, three neck scarves and three head scarves plus an un holy amount of essential earrings (thirty three) which means there is bound to be something for everyone. Lets have a look at these adorable furry friends:


Trick or Sweet Bear Brooch

Well look at this little treat! Trick or Treat bear with his Pumpkin belly badge is all dressed up in a black cape which is red on the inside. Who says Halloween is just for October???? Not me for sure! This little bear is for all year use. His main body is gorgeous pumpkin coloured resin with small inserts of white resin to make up the inner ears and nose, this is then finished off with hand pained belly badge , eyes, love heart nose and whiskers. Measures up at 66mm by 41mm and is priced at £24.95

Lucky Charm Brooch

Well, I don’t know about you but this guy offering a kiss certainly makes me feel lucky! Based on the original Good luck bear with his four leaf clover belly badge this little fellow is even cuter blowing a kiss your way, and wait…. he has a clover hiding behind his back that he is going to gift to you for being his new friend. The main body is stunning mid green with the clover in dark green. He has a hand painted belly badge along with eyes and nose and of course his trade mark heart on his bottom. Measures up at 63mm by 50mm and is priced at £24.95

Love-A-Lot Cupid Brooch

One of the original Care Bears Love a Lot is aiming cupids bow right at you! She is so adorable I don’t think she needs the help of Cupids bow and her angel wings as you can’t help but love her. Her belly badge is two intertwined hearts in red and pink as per the original design. Love a Lot is soft pink with hand painted detail on her wings, eyes and nose and she has her little button heart on her bottom. Measures up at 63mm by 66mm and is priced at £27.95

Gram Bear Brooch

Never fear Grandma is here! How cute is this caregiver to Hugs and Tugs. She is a soft grey colour with a bunch of flowers as her belly badge. Gram has a lovely soft pink scarf and is finished with handprinted details which gives her so much character. She looks like she’s just finished baking a batch of something yummy and is about to pour the babies a drink of milk to go with whatever yummy treats are on offer.Measures up at 66m by 48mm and is priced at £24.95

Good Morning, Grumpy Bear Brooch

Well, Its long been known that I am indeed Grumpy Bear, but this little fella is becoming even more like my spirit animal with his cup of coffee and grumpy frown. This brooch is the perfect accessory for Monday mornings….. or Tuesday, or Wednesday……In fact he’s just perfect! Grumpy is a beautiful mid blue and his belly badge is extra special with the blue rain cloud being a blue resin insert. I can’t see this guy hanging round to long to be quick! Measures up at 60mm by 41mm and is priced at £24.95

Gentle Heart Lamb Brooch

One of the Care Bears cousins. Tender Heart Lamb is a mint green girl who’s belly badge is a pink lace trimmed heart shaped pillow. This piece just makes me smile as I can almost imagine her hair swishing around as she dances and sings. Gentle Hearts ears are inlaid with white resin and the extra layer for her hair adds depth to her face. Like the rest of the bears she has hand painted detail to her face. Measures up at 67mm by 44mm and is priced at £24.95

Funshine and Sunshine Brooch

Well this yellow bear is far from mellow yellow as they’re just too busy having FUN! This piece gives me a warm fuzzy glow. There are two characters in this one piece, Our friend Funshine sitting on a big fluffy cloud and a bright yellow sun with a big happy smile. I love that Erstwilder have used these little accent pieces of resin to add detail to the bears ears for example as it adds depth to the faces which is finished with hand painted eyes. Measures in at 75mm by 93mm and is priced in at £24.95

Cloudmobile Brooch

Well no self respecting bear is going to be seen in anything but this stylish wagon. I wonder what the suspension is like- I bet its like driving on air. The detail in this piece is exceptional with layers of resin making up the shape of the car and pops of colour with stars and moons decorating the outside. Even the wheels have hand painted details (clouds)! Measures in at 43mm by 80mm and is priced at £24.95

Cheer Bear In The Sky Brooch

Cheer bear was my favourite childhood bear and this brings back so many memories of a simpler time. Cheer bear is happily playing with her rainbow coloured ballon. This is a dual pinned brooch with a chain attaching cheer bear to the ballon. Cheer Bear is baby pink with a handprinted rainbow as her belly badge while her ballon is made up of different coloured strips of resin. Never mind flying a kite….. we have a ballon! Measures in at 66mm by 44mm and 36mm by 41mm and is priced at £31.95

Baby Hugs and Tugs Brooch

The youngest members of the Care Bear family. This set of twins are looked after by Grams Bear (Above) Baby Hugs the female pink bear has a smiling star buddy inside a pink box and her brother, Baby Tugs is a blue bear with a smiling star buddy inside a baby blue diaper cloth as his belly badge. These twins love to get up to mischief and can’t wait to grow up to be fully fledged Care Bears. Measures in at 63mm by 56mm and is priced at £24.95

Playful Heart Monkey Brooch

Another of the Care Bear Cousins, this little monkey is a born practical joker and loves to tell jokes. The main body is pale brown and his belly badge is a red heart with party hat and other party favours. This little guy looks like he’s just been caught out in one of his pranks and is giving you his cutest pose. He has a hand painted belly badge and face with inlaid white resin ears. Measures in at 65mm by 43mm and is priced at £24.95

Loyal Heart Dog Brooch

Another member of the Care Bears cousins, the Loyal heart Dog is faithful and loyal and happy to doze in the posies but will also go howling into a fight if the villains come knocking. The main body of this piece is baby blue with handprinted facial details and an inlaid white resin heart around his right eye. Loyal Hearts belly badge is a red heart medal which is also hand painted. Measures in at 66mm by 46mm and is priced at £24.95

Grumpy Bear Cardigan Clips

Turn that frown upside-down Grumpy! Two lovely grumpy faces can adorn your Cardigan with this lovely set of clips of our favourite Grump. Ive said this before and I will say it again- cardigan clips are not just for cardigans! You can also mix things up and wear them as a dual brooch or even on a collar of a blouse. Measures in at 41mm by 38mm (each bear) and are priced at £27.95

Cheer Bear Smiles Cardigan Clips

If Grumpy isn’t your bear, then Cheer bear is here to save the day! Two lovely pink faces of the beautiful Cheer bear. Like the grumpy faces these little girls have inlaid white resin ears and hand painted facial features including whiskers. Measures in at 41mm by 38mm (each bear) and are priced at £27.95

Grumpy Bear Cloud Cardigan Clips

These cardigan clips are so versatile and will match many more collections given the theme. These little rain clouds are deep blue with little rain drops in light blue and pink that dangle from them. Again, Im imagining using these as a dual brooch with another piece from the recent ‘Whatever the Weather’ collection. Measures in at 37mm by 45mm (each cloud) and are priced at £27.95

Whats up Grumpy Bear? Earrings

For those who like matching sets these earrings are the perfect finishing touch. They feature a dark blue grumpy bear which would also match the previous grumpy brooch from the original collection of Care Bears that Erstwilder launched last year. I love that the rain cloud on his belly badge is a blue resin insert as it gives extra depth and interest. Measures in at 45.5mm by 25mm per earring and are priced at £24.95

Grumpy Bear Cloud Earrings

Mini storm clouds for your ears! In the same design as the cardigan clips, these little drop earrings feature dark blue rain clouds with light blue rain drops and pink hearts. Again, these earrings could be worn with so many other collections as well as finishing your Grumpy collection. Measures in at 25mm by 32mm per earring and are priced at £24.95

Cheer Bear Earrings

These dangly earrings have cheer in bucket loads. Featuring our favourite pink bear, we have two standing Cheer Bears with rainbows as their belly badge. These earring are really light weight and comfortable to wear. Measures in at 45.5mm by 25mm per earring and are priced at £24.95

Lots Of Love Necklace

Our loving Love A Lot bear back in the first of our necklace designs. Features Love A Lot sending out love hearts to the world. This is one of the smaller necklaces designs which has beautiful big bold love hearts coming from her belly badge then further love hearts rising up the side of the necklace. Measures in at 65mm by 99.5mm and is priced at £38.95

Rainbow Friends Necklace

This is a statement necklace and I love it! It is the largest of the ones in this collection and features two of our favourite bears, Grumpy and Good Luck playing on an upside down rainbow. Grumpy looks to be sliding down while Good Luck chuckles to himself. Also features some fluffy clouds on either side of the necklace. Measures in at 116mm by 159mm and is priced at £47.95

100% Huggable Necklace

This is similar to last years Cuddle Time Necklace but with different bears. Im so happy this one has come back as I couldn’t get the previous one despite multiple attempts. 100% Huggable features Love A Lot, Grumpy and Good Luck Bear setting off on an adventure. There is also a little yellow star on either side of the necklace where the chain starts. Measures in at 67mm by 113mm and is priced at £42.95

Enamel Pins

There are six enamel pins in this collection which are all super cute. They would look great on a denim Jacket or handbag. Trick or Sweet Bear Enamel Pin measures up at 35mm by 27.5mm and is priced at £8. Lucky Charm Enamel Pin measures up at 34mm by 27mm and is priced at £8. Love-A-Lot Enamel Pin measures up at 32mm by 33.5mm and is priced at £8. Good Morning Grumpy Bear Enamel Pin measures up at 35mm by 22mm and is priced at £8. Funshine And Sunshine Enamel Pin Measures up at 40.5mm by 50.5mm and is priced at £10.95. Cheer Bear In The Sky Enamel Pin measures up at 17mm by 20mm and 29mm by 28mm and is priced at £10.95.

All of the above come on Erstwilder backed card with a rubber pin back.


Starry Night Neck and Head Scarf

Neck scarf measures 70 cm by 180 cm and is priced at £19.95 and the Head scarf measures 70 cm by 70 cm and is priced £13.95. These beautiful scarves are 100% polyester and are cold hand washable.

Love-A-Lot Bear Neck and Head Scarf

Neck scarf measures 70 cm by 180 cm and is priced at £19.95 and the Head scarf measures 70 cm by 70 cm and is priced £13.95. These beautiful scarves are 100% polyester and are cold hand washable.

Grumpy Bear Neck and Head Scarf

Neck scarf measures 70 cm by 180 cm and is priced at £19.95 and the Head scarf measures 70 cm by 70 cm and is priced £13.95. These beautiful scarves are 100% polyester and are cold hand washable.


This is possibly the most essentials I have ever seen in a collection and I love that its a mix of both drop and stud earrings so there is something for every occasion and every outfit! The styles available are: Heart Studs, Cloud studs, Heart drop and Cloud Drop. In total there are thirty three variations, these come on Erstwilder branded cards and are priced at £5.50 a pair.

I hope this blog has helped you to narrow down (or increase) your Wishlist in advance of the Launch, and as usual, I hope you manage to get what you want!

Love Nicola Xx

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