An Australian Christmas

Hip hip Horray…..the fat man is on his way! Now Halloween is over that means we can start to get excited about Christmas right? Well I’m sure this fabulous collection from Erstwilder is going to help get us in the Christmas spirit. This year, we have Christmas with an Australian twist- all the wreaths of holly and Santa hats that you can shake a stick at but with some native animals and birds thrown in for an extra measure of cute! This collection has been designed by resident designer Carmen Hui and it resembles Santas sack in that it is bursting at the seams with goodies for all of us broochies that have made it onto the ‘good’ list. There are 20 core resin brooches, 5 pairs of earrings, one double brooch, three necklaces, 12 enamel pins, two head and neck scarves and a square scarf. Also, stop press; brand new for this year; Christmas tree ornaments, of which there are 5 designs. This is all topped off with 20 essential earrings to mix and match with this gorgeous collection. Lets dive into that big red sack of fabulousness:

Yuletide Timber Brooch

Kicking off the festivities is this stunning little Christmas tree- its decoration for your outfit!

The main body of this piece is made up of two shades of green, a deep olive and pine, both of which are ripple resin and therefore make it look like branches within the tree itself. It is decorated with bright Christmas red flowers and baubles of gold sparkly glitter. There are white splodges sporadically which represent snow fall around our tree. Of course, no tree is complete without a star on top and this one has a matching gold glitter one.

Measures up at 70mm by 50mm and is priced at £24.95

Wreath Down Under Brooch

A beautiful wreath made up of evergreen branches, bells, berries and bows. This charmer will look great on any outfit and will be fab for grouping.

Made up in olive and pine green ripple resin, decorated with individual pieces of resins in yellow and baby blue to represent berries, with plain red flowers and bow which is sat atop glitter bells which had hand painted detail to them as does the leaves on the evergreen base.

Measures up at 56mm by 55mm and is priced at £24.95

The Good Pud Brooch

Well Im sorry, but is there such a thing as a bad pud?????? I think not!

This tasty treat is made up primarily of crackle resin which reflects light beautifully in cream and brown topped off with pearl white icing. Our good pud even has a little floral decoration on top with leaves and berries- Looks good enough to eat…… but I dont recommend it as you might end up at the dentist if you do!

Measures up at 57mm by 57mm and is priced at £24.95

Tassie Claus Brooch

Well, this isn’t something you see every Christmas: Tassie Devil in a Santa hat!

This cute little brooch features one of our favourite Australian animals getting into the Christmas spirit and dressing for the occasion. Tassie is presented in grey ripple resin with pink ears and hand painted details to his ears, eyes and nose. His hat is shimmer red and trimmed with white pearl resin which trims the piece perfectly!

Measures up at 36mm by 37mm and is priced at £18.95

Seasonal Merriment Brooch

Im so glad Erstwilder have done a snow globe this time as for me, all Christmas collections should have at least one.There is so much detail in this piece but I will start with the ‘water’ which is the most pretty aqua blue glitter resin that I think Ive seen in a long time, not only does it make me think of water, but also ice and snow so ticks all the boxes. Our cute Kookaburra sits proudly on her branch with snow falling around her. The snow globe is pearl resin and the stand is again really clever use of textured brown and black resin which gives a woodgrain effect- perfect!

Measures up at 66mm by 59mm and is priced at £27.50

No Christmas Fool Brooch

The first of what I would consider to be the un-christmasy brooches, (which also translates into more wearable). This cute piece features a vibrant pink Gallah bird sitting on an evergreen branch. His tummy is the most lovely shade of shimmer ripple resin, with wings and head in bright white resin in the same type. Her tail feathers are grey and black which contrasts against the bright pink of the bird and green branches on which she is perched. There is a lovely pop of red on the flowers on the branch.

Measures up at 72mm by 46mm and is priced at £24.95

Koala Claus Double Brooch

You would be forgiven for thinking this is cardigan clips, as that’s exactly what I thought this was, but no, its a versatile double brooch which has the advantage of a detachable chain, thus meaning it can be worn as cardigan clips, but also as separate pieces completely, making this piece great for pairings.

These cute little Koalas are all dressed up in their smart Santa hats and ready to P-A-R-T-Y! The main face of the Koalas is plain grey with separate pieces of black resin for the nose and eyes, The ear is lined with cute pink ripple resin. The Santa hats are red ripple resin which is finished off with bright pearl white to represent the fur trim. All of that but two of them!

Each Koala measures up at 37mm by 45mm and they are priced at £27.50

Koala Claus Brooch and Earrings

The exact same little fellow as above but these guys are going solo 💕

Brooch measures up at 37mm by 45mm and is priced at £18.95

Earrings measure up at 17mm by 21mm (each earring) and are priced at £18.95

King of Christmas Brooch

This King Parrot looks regal sitting within a wreath of Christmas greenery which is packed out with berries and flowers.

The bird is definitely the star of this piece, he has various shades of reds and pinks in shimmer ripple resin which gives him depth, his wing is jade green which gives a pop of colour among the reds, he also has a beautiful glitter tail feather which catches the light splendidly

Measures up at 81mm by 58mm and is priced at £27.50

Joeys First Christmas Brooch

Even the Kangaroos are getting in on the act! Joey is super excited about his first Christmas and is looking forward to seeing what treats the big guy in red is going to bring for him.

With the exception of the Santa hat, this piece is all one type and colour resin and it works incredibly well. The mid brown ripple resin means that each individual piece will be completely unique. Mum and Joeys facial features are hand painted.

Measures up at 65mm by 56mm and is priced at £24.95

Comfy Christmas Koala Brooch

This handsome fellow sure looks comfy in his special Christmas stripy jumper.

Mr Koala is made up of Plain and shimmer grey resins, with pearl pink for the inside of his ears (dont you just want to tickle them) His jumper is red and white shimmer ripple resin which gives him a Christmas look but could also be worn year round. His eyes, mouth and nose are all separate pieces of resin.

Measures up at 63mm by 53mm and is priced at £24.95

Christmas Holly-Days Brooch

Whats more festive than Christmas Holly?…… not much really, plus if your lucky you might just get a cheeky snog under it!-oh wait, that’s Mistletoe! Oh well, you can still pucker up under this gorgeous little bunch of fabulousness.

This piece is Erstwilders take on our traditional holly and I have to say Im loving the colours! The pop of turquoise glitter resin which represents the berries is just so stunning I can’t stop looking at it. We also have the red flowers we have seen on a couple of pieces which along with the deep green ripple resin of the leaves makes up the main body of this beautiful cherry piece- beautiful!

Measures up at 59mm by 64mm and is priced at £24.95

A Splendid Christmas Brooch

A beautiful Fairy Wren is sure to make you not feel blue this Christmas – she’s looking rather resplendent sitting among the same foliage that we have seen in other pieces from this collection and even has a little topping of snow of her head and wing tips-brrr.

In the pictures below she looks quite dark blue but in reality she is the most beautiful navy shimmer, with pearl white ripple resin and baby blue mixed with bright white which gives the impression somehow of cold- genius!

Measures up at 61mm by 67mm and is priced at £24.95

A devilish Christmas Brooch and Earrings

There is nothing devilish about his little guy…..unless we’re talking about how handsome he is!

Our devil friend is a blue/grey ripple resin predominantly with pale pink ears that are hand painted to give depth, his face is made up of separate pieces of resin that also have hand painted detailing to them. The Bauble is plain red resin in contrasting stripes with a beautiful shimmer ripple resin and topped with a bright yellow ribbon holder.

Brooch measures up at 54mm by 53mm and is priced at £24.95

Earrings measure up at 27mm by 19mm (each earring) and are priced at £18.95

A Chatty Christmas Brooch

Well I don’t fancy your chances of getting a word in edgeways with this little guy. He’s here for Christmas and has a lot to tell you!

This piece reminds me a little of the Hello Cocky brooch from Jocelyn Proust earlier this year and I can’t help but smile at him. He is made up of beautiful white ripple resin with just a tiny shimmer to it, he has a pop of yellow on his crest and a grey beak with handprinted eye. Mr Chatty is sitting on his decorated branch with a swinging bauble attached by a split ring making this a moving piece.

Measures up at 71mm by 49mm and surprisingly (due to the split ring) is priced at £24.95

A Champagne Christmas brooch

Cheers! Heres to the most wonderful time of the year and looking forward to what 2022 will bring 💕

This piece will see you all the way through the festive period with the White shimmer resin glasses filled with a soft gold shimmer resin to represent the champagne. We see the same foliage at the base of the glasses in dark green ripple resin with pops of colour in the blue (plus a little glitter thrown in for good measure). The benefit of this?- It won’t leave you with a hangover!

Measures up at 69mm by 48mm and is priced at £24.95

Seasonal Songbird Brooch and Earrings

My my Magpie, you look very snuggly and fashionable in your bright red scarf, you could have just stepped right off the red carpet at the fashion shows in Paris.

Mr Magpie is made up of grey/blue ripple resin with accents of white pearl resin on his wings, tail and beak. His eye is red with a black iris. The scarf is a lovely bright red ripple resin that gives this otherwise dark piece a pop of Christmas colour!

Brooch measures up at 56mm by 55mm and is priced at £24.95

Earrings measure up at 38mm by 36mm (each earring) and are priced at £18.95

Seasonal Delivery Brooch

Now this piece screams Christmas for me and is possibly my favourite piece of the collection. I can just imagine the whole family packed in the van high on happiness as they’ve spent the day together choosing the perfect tree that they will take home and decorate together.

The van is red and white shimmer resin with accents of plain white for the windows and light, the bell is gorgeous glittery gold (just a Christmas bells should be). The tree is mid and dark green with pops of yellow and white, with of course a gold glitter star. I can see this being popular.

Measures up at 62mm by 63mm and is priced at £24.95

Natures Noel Brooch

Another not very christmasy piece for me, but wowsers! This critter is just so pretty that you will be glad you can wear all year.

The main body reminds me of Lapis Lazuli with blue, green, purple and gold all shimmering together in a completely unique pattern which means these pieces will all be different so you are getting a truly one off piece of art. Our little critters ‘arms’ are a black/blue ripple resin.

Measures up at 56mm by 55mm and is priced at £24.95

Festive Pavlova Brooch

Yum yum, what a Christmas treat this pudding is. I can see this piece with so many pairings that my mind is racing with the possibilities- plus my tummy is rumbling!

The meringue is pearl white with splodges of glitter resin, topped with a pale pink cream ripple resin and of course topped with bright red fruits, the strawberries being a bright red crackle resin, the blueberries are shimmery and I sound like a M&S advert….. lol.

Measures up at 44mm by 64mm and is priced at £24.95

Bush Bon Bon Brooch

What could be more christmas than a cracker? A cracker with Christmas foliage possibly? What could possibly be waiting inside for the winner of the duel? One things for sure is there will be a fabulous hat ……..

The cracker is a lovely deep shimmer resin which has gold glitter ribbon around the ends of the main body holding all the prizes inside. Again we have the gorgeous turquoise blue berries and green foliage but this time white flowers which ties in all of the Christmas colours.

Measures up at 36mm by72mm and is priced at £24.95

Comfy Christmas Koala Necklace

Who would not want a Christmas Koala necklace when he’s as jolly as this one!

The same lovable stripy jumped Koala as above but his time surrounded by colourful baubles in red and green ripple resins to make up a gorgeous festive necklace. I love the fact that because the Koala and baubles are separate pieces joined with jump rings that this necklace doesn’t feel too ‘blocky’ like some can.

Measures up at 63mm by 61mm and is priced at £34.95

No Christmas Fool Necklace and Earrings

Again I think these pieces like the matching brooch is one of the most un-christmasy of the collection but means that they can be worn all year and also by collectors who do not like traditional Christmas pieces. The description by Erstwilder is that these noisy bright birds are like your annoying uncle at Christmas but I think they look like love birds sitting in the foliage, content and happy in each others company- Maybe Im becoming an old romantic?

The birds are the same design and resin as above in the brooch description.

Necklace measures up at 66mm by 93mm and is priced at £34.95

Earrings measure up at 45mm by 26mm (each earring) and are priced at £18.95

Wreath Down Under Necklace and Earrings

Im not going to lie…… This is my favourite necklace and earring combo this time, I love the fact that it has some key elements of a UK Christmas. I also love that it can be made up into a set as I do love a bit of matchy matchy!

Again, the resin used in these pieces is described above in the brooch.

Necklace measures up at 51mm by 86mm and is priced at a reasonable £29.95

Earrings measure up at 42mm by 40mm (each earring) and are priced at £24.95

Enamel Pins

Like the days of Christmas, there are twelve enamel pins this time. They’re all £8 and come on Erswilder branded card with rubber backs.


There are five scarves this time in 3 designs. All scarves are 100% polyester and can be cool hand washed.

The Good Pud scarf comes in two sizes, Head which measures up at 70cm by 70cm and is priced at £13.50, the neck scarf measures 70cm by 180cm and is £18.95

A Splendid Christmas scarf comes in two sizes, Head which measures up 70cm by 70cm and is priced at £13.50, the neck scarf measures 70cm by 180cm and is £18.95

No Christmas Fool Square Scarf Combines the No Christmas Fool bird design with some of the foliage seen in lots of the pieces from this collection. It measures 90cm by 90cm and is £18.95

Christmas Tree Ornaments

A first ever for Erstwilder and Im super excited about it! Who says the gorgeous pieces of art from Erstwilder are just for your clothing? Not anymore with these brand new additions. I really hope that they do them again moving forward and your collection can be added to each year.

There are five designs based on some of the brooches from the collection, all come on textured red ribbon. They’re all priced at £18.95 and Im sure will give joy every year when you put them on your tree. They come in a Erstwilder Box the same as your brooches do, so would also make a wonderful gift.

Australian Advent

Measures 65mm by 64mm

A Comfy Christmas Tree

Measures 70mm by 59mm

No Christmas Fool

Measures 80mm by 51mm

King of Christmas

Measures 78mm by 55mm

A Splendid Christmas

Measures 60mm by 65mm

Essential Earrings

As usual, there are a multitude of earrings on offer including dangle and drop styles. All come on Erstwilder backed card and are all priced at £5.50



As always, I hope this blog has been helpful to you in deciding what you might want to grab on launch, and I hope Santa brings you all you want,

Love Nicola Xx

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