Advent Adventures

I must admit that I am terrible with advent calendars.  Every year I buy them with the best intent but somewhere usually around the 10th day I forget to open the doors.  Does not matter what it is, chocolates, ornaments, cosmetics, most of the doors get opened when the tree is packed away.  Even the dog gets all his calendar treats just before the best before date.  I think, therefore, that Irregular Choice Advent Adventures were created for people like me.  The people very much in need of a fabulous looking low-key advent.

Fabulous they certainly are.  Red glitter with beautiful inviting doors on one side (so pretty that even I might remember to open them).  Behind the doors is Irregular Choice history, both old and recent.  Then we have two way red and gold sequins on the other side, topped with a fluffy white trim and finished with a with a gold bow.  They could not be any more Santa if they tried but of course they did, with the return of the Santa heel!! Yes, Santa boots, with a Santa heel that is also as advent calendar.  Has it blown your mind too?

The Santa heel was first introduced by Irregular Choice in November 2013 with the Dreamy shoes after a different colour version of the heel was released as gnomes earlier the same year.  We have had at least six more variants of the heel as Santa since, most recently in 2017 with the light up Mr and Mrs Claus.  I love that the heel has returned in two more variants (three if you count the Irregular Choice exclusive ‘Paint A Santa’) to end what has been a very testing and turbulent year.

You can watch my full review here:

I did have some slight reservations about where the boot reaches on your leg but after having a try on and styling them with some different outfits, I quite love the length now.  They still look pretty with a dress but with jeans or trousers is where they shine the best, I think.  I love them with the simplicity of just some skinny jeans and a Christmas jumper, letting the shoe be the full centre of focus.

The boots are true to size and quite generous on the legs, with that extra bit of stretch from the elastic.  The heel height is 11cm but at least 1cm of that is the hidden platform so they feel much lower than they look.  They are around 26cm from the top of the heel up to give you an idea of where they are going to sit on your leg.  I found them very comfy and easy to walk in.  They RRP for £229 but you can save 10% at Shoe Emporium Mansfield using the code ‘Sarahsave10’.  At the time of writing, Shoe Emporium has both sizes 40 and 41 available but the code can also be applied to other styles too.  There’s free delivery for all orders over £50 (£100 Worldwide) with Klarna and Clear Pay options to buy now and pay later.

It’s going to be a very different Christmas this year which is going to suck but we have to make of it what we can, right?  It may be dodgy Channel 5 Christmas films in a onesie on the couch instead of family and Christmas outings but I’ll be doing it wearing my Advent Adventures boots, trying to remember to open the new door each day.  As the movie ‘Up’ taught us, ‘Adventure is out there’ and I’m sure they will go on many adventures in future years.  2020, the year of Santa heels and chill.

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas despite the circumstances

love Sarah, Chamina and Team xxxx

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